2015 trends

Wallpapers, blue pops of color, and subtle midcentury modern accents are all on Zillow Digs’ trend forecast for 2015. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/S + H Construction

Style makers, movers, and shakers, 2015 is going to be a beautiful year, one that is “modern, yet approachable.”

At least, it is according to Zillow Digs, which has announced the top five 2015 trends in their annual Home Trend Forecast, as well as which four fads from 2014 are on their way to the style graveyard.

The top 2015 trends will include cowhide accents in unexpected places, gold fixtures in brighter tones than the past, and wallpaper in all sorts of new styles, textures, and colors.

Style losers include chevron patterns, matchy-match furniture, and the super-saturated colors that have dominated interior palettes for the past few years.

“Home design will embark on a dramatic shift in 2015, moving far away from the bright jewel tones and overused chevron and ikat patterns that took 2014 by storm,” said Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs design expert. “Unexpected textures and an eclectic, modern vibe are about to find their way in 2015. Expect to see a more sophisticated look in 2015 that incorporates gold hardware, natural textures, and a subtle midcentury modern undertone.”

The forecast combines data from a survey of leading interior designers and an analysis of the most popular photos on Zillow Digs. Let’s take a look at  these burgeoning 2015 trends, and those on the way out. Click through to see the lists!


I grew up in the ’80s, wallpaper’s verifiable heyday. It seemed like anyone who was anyone had wallpaper in pretty much every room in their house, even the laundry room. That was when you could decorate any room in any theme you wanted and the chances of you getting side-eye from your friends was slim.

That’s not the case today, though. Paper went out of fashion in the late ’90s along with pegged jeans and neon accessories. But just like the questionable styles of the ’80s, wallpaper is making a comeback, too. That’s what Texas Paint and Wallpaper’s Marcey White-Pillow claims in this feature on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog.

Wallpaper is a great investment for Metroplex homeowners, [White-Pillow] says, but with a modern twist.

Home buyers aren’t going for the look that their grandmas had. “People aren’t necessarily doing the whole room,” she said. “They pick a great pattern and create an accent wall.”

I totally agree about that. You won’t seen four walls clad with busy floral prints nowadays, but according to White-Pillow (what a name, right? Love it!), Midcentury Modern and “Mad Men” inspired graphic prints like chevrons are finding their way into tastemaker’s homes.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Refrigerator WallpaperI also agree with Marcey that “greige” — a neutral grey — is the best color for homeowners looking for a palette that will attract potential buyers but won’t feel too blah. And if you think that wallpaper is just for walls, well, I’ve seen some pretty fabulous applications on furniture and appliances, too!

While I have yet to try my hand at hanging wallpaper, I spend an awful lot of time on Houzz.com looking at all the fabulous accent walls (and ceilings, too!). Do you think that wallpaper is making a comeback, or are there some decor trends that are better off dead?

3310 Fairmount 11D Living

Or you could keep it as is, but the wallpaper would need some freshening up. Unit 11D in the Park Towers Condominiums is a time warp. Everything looks to be from the 60s, when this building was constructed.

3310 Fairmount 11D Dining

The owner was obviously a big fan of green, as you can see from the wallpaper in the living room that matches the swag curtains just so. Still, it doesn’t distract from what I consider to be the best selling point for this unit — the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and an amazing view.

3310 Fairmount 11D Kitchen

As the listing tells us, there are no load-bearing walls in this unit, so you can completely upend this two-bedroom, two-bath condo to whatever kind of high-rise vision you have. I think this property, which is sandwiched by the Katy Trail and Turtle Creek, would look amazing as a Mad Men homage with cream shag carpet, a sunken living area that is open to the kitchen and dining areas, and a large master bedroom and spa-like bath.

3310 Fairmount 11D Master

With more than 2,000 square feet of space, you can definitely accomplish your dreams of living like Don Draper. Of course, for $345,000 you will have to have a remodeling budget because there is no way you can live with that cloistered kitchen or that hideous bath!

3310 Fairmount 11D Master bath

Still, I love looking at the photos of this listing. It’s really amazing to see how much home decor has changed in 50 years. Does this unit send you back in time, too?

Are you listening to Your Mama? Well you should, because that savvy and sharp house hunter shares her expert opinion (and wit!) on Dallas Stars hockey player Louis Ericksson’s Preston Hollow mansion.

We talked about the wallpaper, which can sometimes cause mixed feelings. You know, like this:

A fireplace centrally set into a paneled wall anchors the living room end of the capacious space and two walls in the dining room are slathered in an over-scaled red, white and pink floral print wallpaper that Your Mama really wants to detest, believes we really should loathe and would never, in a million years install in our own home but none-the-less inexplicably—and much to our own decorative chagrin—sort of has a cotton for.

What do you think?

You get a two-story marble fire place and tons of well-preserved wood paneling with 6441 McCommas.

Flipping through the photos of 6441 McCommas Blvd. makes me hum Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” completely by reflex.

Note to self: Put “Dazed And Confused” on my Netflix queue.

The interior of this 1975 Spanish style in Bob-O-Link estates is so incredibly well-preserved, right down to the foiled wallpaper and wood paneling. And boy, is there a lot of wood paneling. Like, two stories of wood paneling and then some.

It’s homes like this that make me wonder if, perhaps, 1970s Spanish homes with intact popcorn ceilings will become today’s Mid-Century Modern, after which people scramble for those that seem frozen in time.

Anywho, this old gal, in an incredibly popular area of Lakewood, has everything your disco-lovin’ heart desires, including a parquet floor, archways galore, and a kitchen worthy of a cameo on “That 70s Show.” And get this: at $589,000, the price has actually increased by $20K! Where else in Dallas does that happen?

And nobody knows high-end East Dallas better than listing agent Mary Poss, who is a former District 9 City Council member.

With four bedrooms, four baths, and incredibly high ceilings and a huge marble fireplace, you could gut this home and give it a one-way ticket to modernity. But would you want to? I mean, it’s soooooooo groooooovy!