3225 Turtle Creek A

An address on Turtle Creek Boulevard has a certain cachet in Dallas, and often come at a hefty price tag, so an affordable listing always catches my eye.

In today’s Tuesday Two Hundred, we’re looking at a high-rise condo at 3225 Turtle Creek Boulevard in the Renaissance on Turtle Creek. Unit 620B is priced at $259,000 with 1,154 square feet. It is a 2-2, located on the sixth floor of the south building, which has 16 floors. It is listed by Sue Krider at Allie Beth Allman & Associates.

The Renaissance is located near the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Turtle Creek, in close proximity to Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Oak Lawn, and the Park Cities. In addition to urban lifestyle options, the condo is also steps from Lee Park and one block from the Beasley entrance to the Katy Trail. The actual Turtle Creek has green spaces, parks, and walking paths, as well.


More on the New Luxury Condo Coming to Dallas I Have Named 2505 Turtle Creek

2505 Turtle CreekgreatgulfMan, I have always wanted to name a condo. In fact, we need to have a pretend condo-naming and building day here soon on CandysDirt. This dreary rainy weather keeps up, we will do it.

Remember having an imaginary friend? Well, we play this game by building an imaginary condo in whatever part of town we want, we design it from top to bottom, and we and name it.

Anyhoo, a very sharp reader who has more google sense than I do (sometimes I get tired, dear folks, but only sometimes) sent me this link to Steve Brown’s story on a “Canadian Builder plots Turtle Creek High Rise.”

Plots? Ohhh I like the dig there, very good.

The story ran in January of 2012, so Stevie wonder really had this all right! He says: 

“Toronto builders who own a prime Turtle Creek development site are asking for city approval to construct a residential high-rise.

GGH Development LLC, an affiliate of Canada’s Great Gulf Homes, wants to build a 23-story tower on the 1.4-acre site at Turtle Creek Boulevard and Fairmount Street, according to filings at Dallas City Hall.

The stone and glass residential tower would replace two low-rise office buildings, which have been demolished.

The planned residential building was designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects of Toronto and is described as a 69-unit project that will cost more than $112 million to build.”

The architect is Sianak Hariri. 22 stories, 60 units.

“Drawings of the project show a curving, modern-style building with lots of glass and wide terraces.”

Uh oh. Glass.

“The developers are asking for minor zoning changes related to the height of mechanical equipment on the roof and the size of balconies on the outside of the tower.

Great Gulf Homes’ Toronto office did not respond to requests for information about the timing of the project.

GGH Development has owned the Turtle Creek site since 2008 and previously planned a larger combination hotel and residential tower on the property.

A subsidiary of Great Gulf Homes, single-family builder Ashton Woods Homes, has multiple residential developments in North Texas.

The development site that Great Gulf owns is a block from Reverchon Park and across the street from Turtle Creek.

It is in an area dominated by high-rise and midrise residential and commercial buildings and townhouses.”

Yes, folks, that is the same developer who originally wanted to do something much larger with a hotel in 2008. But then, it was 2008 and developers couldn’t borrow a postage stamp from a bank to get a building up, much less $112 million.

I love to play these games, so how much do you think these condos are going to be selling for? $112 million  (if Steve is right) and 60 units… with no profit that’s $1.87 million per unit to recoup building cost, but of course there is so much more.

I am getting really, really psyched about our new condo building on Turtle Creek. And looks like this time, it’s not a game!


It’s a glorious Monday morning in North Texas, the Rangers are in the World Series, it didn’t rain at Cattle Barons, I say what the H-E double hockeysticks let’s go buy us a $6 million mansion at 4215 Lakeside Drive! Face it: life in this Anton Korn designed estate is not just shouting out, but sends total fireworks to the world that you have arrived and really now have nothing else to do besides — bathe whenever you like and think about your villa in Cordoba. This home should be purchased alone for the custom marble sculpted bathtub in the master bath — to-die-for! Look at those rooms — the leopard-covered upholstery, the elegant rugs, hand-finished floors every single inch hand-crafted by Russian artisians flown in just to literally do the floors! Look at the columns, woodwork, panels, finishes — all marble, Venetian plaster, and granite. This home was built in 1923, designed by the venerable Korn who designed many elegant homes in Dallas, and was said to be the only high end architect of his day. Let’s say this: if it was an elegant, high-end home in the twenties, it had Korn’s name on it: Swiss Avenue, homes for Highland Park’s Hugh Prather, a host of homes on St. John’s, Beverly, Turtle Creek, Lakeside, Overhill and Maple Avenue. 4215 Lakeside was meticulously updated and remodeled in 1990. It is actually not a huge home, only 6023 square feet, and it has only three (huge) bedrooms, three and a half baths, three living areas and a two car garage. The exterior grounds and Grecian pool are right out of a Tuscan villa, and there is a pool house decorated to the nines in those rich, warm Italian hues. The home sits gracefully on one of the best Lakeside lots, 134 by 174, almost a half acre! Little dirt here: the owner is actually a Russian cellist who played with Yo Yo Ma for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The European influence she exerted on the home expresses her Russian background and flair. And if you see any touches of Italy, it may be from decorating pointers she picked up from another notable neighbor at their villa in Cordoba, Italy, Frances Mayes. No, the author of Under The Tuscan Sun has not moved to Lakeside, but owns the villa right next next door to this family’s Italian second home. Excuse me, villa. Asking: $6,995,000 listed with Dave Perry-Miller.

Another Secret House (Almost As Secret as the First One) for Sale in Dallas

Nobody ever sells on Stonebridge Drive in Dallas (well, two were sold in the neighborhood whole of last year).  The street has anti-tank berms at the north end that virtually eliminate rush hour rat-runners and drunken revelers lost after midnight. It makes for a quiet existence, dismembered from the hurly-burly of living in the heart of America’s fourth largest SAMA. So, it is triumphally significant that 4104 Stonebridge Dr. is “coming soon” from David Griffin Realtors and parrot-owning agent Jarrad Barnes. The yard sign has been in the tease state for a month, so this may all be a spoof.

But wait! Barnes tells me the house isn’t really for sale, but it’s not a tease. The house is built on two lots, and one of them is for sale. That makes it a 60 foot wide slither of land totaling just over 7,500 sq. ft. (the minimum lot size in the neighborhood). The interesting thing is, a river runs through it. Or, as math majors and Barnes’ parrot would say, bisects the property  Far from making building a house impossible, it encourages the kind of innovative cantilevered design found on Park Bridge Court just a few minutes south down Turtle Creek Boulevard. As Barnes puts it “This lot will be bought by someone who reads Dwell”.

From the dog-walker’s perspective, I see potential with this lot. It backs onto the Katy Trail. The owner can dynamite cut, his own personal access to the best urban trail in Dallas. Second, this location is only one and a half miles from downtown Dallas. If the city continues to grow, it has to command an increased congestion premium. All of this doesn’t describe the location (which we just did, above). For all that, the $695k asking price sounds like fair value.