Prudential q2 Optimism infograf

Still not getting the wave of real estate optimism that has been heading to pretty much every shore in the U.S.? Well, Prudential’s Q2 outlook says that if your boat hasn’t been lifted from the rising tide of home prices, then it should as Millennials embark on the American dream of first-time homeownership. There is, however, a knowledge gap that exists between perception and reality for Millennials. That’s where the expertise of a Realtor is key.

It’s a great infographic worth scrolling through, but if you want a quick-and-dirty breakdown, here are the highlights:

– 80 percent of Americans ages 25-34 have a favorable perception of the real estate market

– 76 percent of Millennials view homeownership as part of the “American dream”

– While 65 percent of respondents say they “closely watch interest rates,” 43 percent said rates were falling, or were stead, when in fact interest rates are on the rise

You can, of course, read the whole thing on Prudential’s website.