Bernadette LampsLighting is so important in a home. Too little and an otherwise spacious house feels like a dungeon. Too much of the wrong kind and you feel like you’re getting mobbed by the paparazzi every time you enter a room.

To make sure rooms have just the right amount and right kinds of light, Dallas designer Bernadette Schaeffler prefers lamps to ceiling fixtures. Why?

“I personally like table lamps more than ceiling fixtures,” Schaeffler said. “I love to add the soft, warm light to my rooms. Even though table lamps were found next to a sofa, bed or chairs, there is no rule how to place them.”

Bernadette Lamp 2

Still, all light sources should fit a room’s decor. With several great options in her collection, Schaeffler likes to pair lamps with furniture to give a more complete look.

“For me it is important to match height and size to include it into a space. They should be proportional to a room’s decor and the style should flow with the design,” Schaeffler said.

And of course, you should only let in as much light as you want!

“It is personal taste! To make the light more dramatic just choose a lamp with a dimmer that can go from bright to very soft light. You than can control the light it spends depending of the use.”