With Staircases, Form Meets Function Meets Drama For Bernadette Schaeffler

Pisa Italy

So many gorgeous luxury homes feature at least one magnificent, sweeping staircase that greets guests. Stairs are the epitome of form meeting function. Perhaps that’s why Dallas-area designer Bernadette Schaeffler loves staircases and the drama they add to spaces.

Indoors or out, artistic or utilitarian, Schaeffler is enamored with stairs.

“Even though I dislike to take stairs, I have to admit I have an obsessive love for them,” Schaeffler gushed. “There is just something adventurous about stairs and my eyes just like to see them. Walking up or down I am under the impression something phenomenal awaits me.”

Rouen France Staircase

Some of Schaeffler’s favorite staircases are portals to history. They reside in Italy, France, and Poland. Some are colorful and eye-catching, such as stairways in San Francisco and Rio De Janeiro.

San Francisco

“When I am at historical site I imagine how the people of that time passed the stairs day by day. They never had the choice to use elevators!” Schaeffler exclaimed. “I admire the craftsmanship that is involved into those fabulous monuments. Many of those treasures have a magnificent structure and the design of it is very innovative for the time. Some of the designs are just stunning.”

Find out more about Schaeffler’s collection of stunning decor, as well as her design sensibilities, on her website. Better yet, see them in person at the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection showroom at 1616 Hi Line Drive, Suite 100.