Dinomite Marketing Sells Granbury Home in Five Days

Realtor Casey Lewis with Cearnal Realtors has been waiting for a good while to deploy his dinomite marketing strategy — and he finally did in Granbury last week.

In fact, when he saur this two-bedroom, one-bath lake house, he also knew that the owners wouldn’t think it was a pterrible idea.

Yes, you can see where we’re going with this, probably.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get raptored up in this mammoth marketing story of a ploy that, despite some super short arms, had tremendously long reach.

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Lydia 2013

A perennial top-performing agent, Lydia Player offers her wisdom on real estate marketing

As an occasional feature, we’ve asked several high-performing agents about their marketing strategies. We wanted to know what does and doesn’t work for real estate agents in a variety of situations. This time we’re focusing on getting ready for the off-season. We asked star Ebby Halliday Luxury Portfolio agent Lydia Player: “What are the best actions and biggest mistakes agents make when marketing themselves.

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Katie Lance offers five "don'ts" for real estate professionals who want to use social media to connect with clients.

Katie Lance offers five “don’ts” for real estate professionals who want to use social media to connect with clients.

Marketing is one of the most challenging parts of having a successful real estate business. Great marketing ensures that, even after the peak season ends, your business will weather less-than-stellar sales. Truly, real estate is a cyclical industry, marked by seasonal highs and lows. Not only do you need to be prepared for the lean months financially, but by employing some strategic marketing tactics, you can stay in the forefront of potential clients’ minds.

But how can real estate agents keep the home fires burning on social media? What are some of the best ways to take advantage of your social networks?

Katie Lance is a fantastic business guru, often speaking at conferences focusing on content strategies. She is totally brilliant. If you’re not following her blog, you’re missing out! Lance just posted this great list of the top five “don’ts” for social media marketing when it applies to real estate professionals, and it’s a must-read! I agree with every single one of these suggestions, especially No. 5.

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For Sale on Facebook: Is Opting Out of Hiring a Realtor Hurting Homeowners?

Home For Sale yard Sign

After living at 7303 Coronado Avenue for 16 years, Karen Nealy decided to try and test the waters to see if she was ready to sell her home in Lakewood Hills. She’s been looking to move closer to the lake, perhaps Rockwall, with plenty of room to roam around.

“We almost bought a house yesterday that we really liked,” Nealy said a week or so ago. That’s what prompted her to “test the waters” and put her three-bedroom, two-bath home on the Lakewood Online Yard Sale Facebook page without the help of a Realtor. Since then she’s put it up as For Sale By Owner on Zillow, advertising the 1,504-square-foot traditional for $299,900.

“We know Realtors can get it out there to more people,” Nealy said, but she is doing a more improvisational trial and error approach to selling her home, which she calls a “fixer-upper.” She thinks it’s a fantastic property to add on to, perhaps for a family that wants to be inside the Lakewood Elementary School attendance zone.

Do-it-yourself listings on social media is a growing trend, but will it end up costing sellers in the long run?


Real Estate Outlook 2012 and Beyond: Consumers Want Data, or Do They?

Last week was Inman’s Real Estate Connect, the famous conference where real estate meets technology. I go annually to get a look ahead at both tech and marketing innovation coming down the pike, for Dallas consumers and real estate agents. Agents, of course, lap this conference up like a kitten. But consumers, too, can glean a lot of valuable information to help them find the best agents and know they are getting the very best service.

Key topic: real estate data. No doubt it is the role of the real estate professional is to offer consumers usable knowledge in the most convenient way possible. Problem is, there is just so much of it!

Information overload is upon us, said Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer for Century 21 Real Estate. And it’s constant. Which is why I am now gaga over a site called NEWSER.

“There’s an accessibility overload, if you will,” she said.

Here was some refreshing news: Realtors should worry less about providing more content or data on real estate websites, but worry MORE about offering it in the most convenient, easy-to-understand method. I’m sure consumers would agree.

Real estate pros should make it EASIER for consumers to find them and connect with them on all platforms, whether through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, blogging or social media, Thorne said.

And the kind of information consumers want should be on websites, such as neighborhood data. Here on CandysDirt.com, we are about ready to launch our Neighborhood Pages for you, and we will be including all sorts of local neighborhood data for our readers. One agent will specialize in one neighborhood and constantly keep us apprised of what’s happening.

Real estate professionals, said Mark Allen, CEO of the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors and its subsidiary 10K Research and Marketing, says Realtors are uniquely positioned to give consumers this kind of information because they have data at their fingertips. But that data must be edited and filtered down to make it easy to understand and meaningful for consumers, just as all good writers do.

In essence, Realtors are becoming local reporters, a trend I notice five years ago when I foresaw the online revolution in real estate marketing and brought it to Dallas. Of course, Allen thinks the best way to apply the data is to make it interactive: touch, swipe, pinch.

People, he says, want to read with their hands, not just eyes.

What does this mean for the Realtor? Get “platform-ized” everywhere, and move away from your basic boring print ads. Consumers? Take advantage of all the gizmos out there, and realize that the best agents — that is, those who can sell your home most rapidly for the highest price, will be plugged in to multiple platforms and always seeking more, whether your home is a Tuesday $200k or a multi-million dollar property.


Castle Hills Reaping the Value of Internet Marketing

I was talking to Chris Bright yesterday, checking in to see how the million dollar movie he made and launched Saturday at the Dallas Film Festival is doing for business. “Cooper & The Castle Hills Gang” was also shown up at Castle Hills Saturday night, then let loose on the internet to go viral. The whole thing started, he told me, with the idea of just making a video to market the 2500 acre home development and before Chris could say Dennis the Menace, he had a production on his hands with real actors.

Chris told me that since the movie hit the web, they’ve tracked a 30 percent increase in traffic to the Castle Hills site — and that was just yesterday.