7317 Fieldgate Front

This home is a fantastic rental for someone building their dream home and in need of temporary housing, or someone who decided to capitalize in our scorching market and is still looking for the perfect house to move into. And if access and amenities are what you want, you really can’t beat this location.

This is one of those rentals that, when you come across it, you feel like you’ve struck gold! It’s only been on the market for two days, and considering how sought-after the Meadows is, well, I give it a week, max.


5915 Anita Front

Stonewall Terrace is a fantastic neighborhood. The homes are adorable, there are restaurants and shops everywhere, there are tons of pedestrians and cyclists, nearby mass transit, and there’s easy access to North Central Expressway. But what really makes Stonewall Terrace a fantastic family neighborhood is its namesake elementary campus, Stonewall Jackson Elementary.

5915 Anita LivingThis neighborhood has pulled the school up by its bootstraps thanks to a super supportive early childhood PTA that has kept the trains running on time. That’s one of the reasons that this neighborhood, which is near the exceptionally popular M Streets, has skyrocketed as of late. But if you think you can’t find a deal in Stonewall Terrace, think again.

5915 Anita Dining

This adorable cottage at 5915 Anita St. is listed by Dallas City Center Realtor Patricia McCrite for $379,500. With almost 2,000 square feet, you’d be surprised at the size of this home from the curb. It is so adorable, isn’t it? But it’s truly spacious and still private feeling, thanks to the updates this home has received.

5915 Anita Kitchen

With beautiful built-ins and a lovely formal living and dining area, you could hold intimate get-togethers in this home. The kitchen is a bit modest, but there’s still room for a breakfast nook, so it’s not too terribly small. If you’re ambitious, you could expand the kitchen into the formal dining room and open the entire area up.

5915 Anita Master Bed 5915 Anita Master Bath

There’s a den, and the master suite features a living area, too. With three bedrooms and two baths, there’s plenty of room for a family. And with the hardwood floors, tons of great built-ins, this home will have room to grow.

5915 Anita Den

The backyard features a huge deck and separate fenced-in area, perfect for a family with a couple of pooches. What do you think of this home?

5915 Anita Deck 5915 Anita  Backyard

Peak Townhomes

It was the best of times …

No, really, it was. Especially considering that we have two Tuesday $200Ks to share with you, and they are in the same development. Yes, they may be almost the exact same townhome layout-wise, but they could not be more different.

We’re talking about 2200 and 2204 N. Peak Street. Both townhomes are under the divine auspices of Ebby agent Alicia Butler and feature three floors, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two garage spots, and an address that puts the potential owner right in an accessible neighborhood near parks, restaurants, mass transit, and just across North Central from Uptown.

2200 N. Peak Main Floor

2200 N. Peak is an end unit with 1,922 square feet and an upstairs balcony that is great for entertaining. It has neutral paint, traditional finishes, and feels pretty tame and — dare I say, generic? It definitely appeals to a broad range of buyers with popular furniture choices and very low-key decor.

2200 N. Peak Kitchen

The master is pretty typical, with double sinks and a shower/tub combo. I do like the vanity, though, and that there is a door between the commode and tub and the rest of the bathroom.

2200 N. Peak Master

2204 N. Peak is the exact opposite. Yes, it has the same stained concrete and knotty pine floors as its neighbors, but every single surface in the main floor has been painted a green so vibrant that I am not sure if we’re in a home or a very elaborate CGI soundstage. Perhaps that was the seller’s intent? It would definitely make for some interesting home movies.

2204 N. Peak Main Floor


In the kitchen, the range has been upgraded from your standard builder-issue stuff, but the dishwasher and refrigerator stick out. I am glad that the sellers used white cabinets, though. Any more color or patterns and you’d get vertigo.

2204 N. Peak Kitchen


And if slate blue is more your color, you’ll love the master bedroom, which has the same paint treatment. Instead of a balcony, 2204 N. Peak has a downstairs deck area, too. There’s also an additional half bath.

2204 N. Peak Master

So, which will you choose? The larger, more sedate end unit, or the bright paint and upgrades of the center unit? If it helps you decide, 2200 N. Peak is on the market for $276,000, while 2204 N. Peak is priced at $260,000.

Can’t decide? Check them out in person tomorrow between 10 a.m. and noon during an MLS tour.

The Ross Avenue area is on its way up, at least that’s what all of the developers investing in mid-rises and empty lots think about the long stretch that takes folks out of downtown and into East Dallas.

It wasn’t too long ago that the stretch of Ross that borders North Central Expressway and the Dallas Arts District was temporarily transformed with pop-up parks, shops, and even a dumpster pool as part of the 72-hour Ross Avenue Better Block challenge.

If you’re looking to move into a place that’s within walking distance of award-winning architecture, cultural amenities, excellent restaurants, all with easy access to anywhere else in Dallas, don’t pass up 4413 Roseland.

This home is on trend. The lower floor is wide open, and upstairs you have warm wood floors and tons of light. There are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two-car garage, and 2,300 square feet all for $274,500.

Where are you going to see the value in this house? In the kitchen, of course. Check out that slick countertop on the island! Perfect for entertaining. In fact, all it needs is a few elegant trays of hors d’oeuvres and a few bottles of bubbly on ice and you’ve got a party! There’s plenty of cabinet space, too!

There are huge windows everywhere throughout this home, including the master bedroom, which is significantly larger than the other two bedrooms. The master bath has two cube-shaped vessel sinks, and there’s probably a commode and a shower or tub in there, but you can’t see that from the angle in the listing.

For a townhouse, this home has a gigantic backyard with an incredibly tall privacy fence, making this place an awesome buy for someone accustomed to apartment living but tired of taking fido down two flights of stairs to go to the bathroom (and you won’t have to face the poo police either).

So, what do you think? Is this a great buy in a great location or what?

Everyone seems to be moving to Dallas these days, especially people who are transferred or promoted by one of the billion corporations that call Dallas their headquarters. Finding housing is a big problem for folks moving to a brand-new place, so I’m going to make it easy for them.

This home — 7238 Joyce Way, to be exact — would be a fantastic home for an executive with upward trajectory just moving to Dallas. The location, which is just south of Walnut Hill and smack in the middle between Hillcrest and North Central Expressway, is perfect for someone still getting their bearings. And the price — $499,000 — won’t have you running for the hills, or the next promotion.

The home is nothing to sneeze at, either. This house, repped by Lori Sparks of Virginia Cook Realtors, has two living areas, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a saltwater pool and a two-car garage totaling just less than 3,000 square feet.

This house was built in 1967, but there’s not a trace of original anything left on this home. If you’re moving to Dallas for a corporate relocation, you don’t want to buy a fixer-upper or a house you can’t invite your boss over to. No way, Jose. This house is practically pre-assembled and totally neutral.

The kitchen is very pretty, and will be great for dinner party prep once you ace that electric cooktop and route a gas line in there. Everything else is what you’d expect: Stainless, granite, fresh cabinets, and tumbled stone backsplash. There’s plenty of extra storage for plates and doo-dads in the breakfast nook, as well as a small wet bar with a wine fridge, which will be absolutely necessary when hosting your boss.

The master suite is large and slightly set apart from the rest of the house. The bedroom is  fairly standard, and two full-light doors divide the sleeping area from the lavatory. The master bath is your typical five-piece bath, with a rather standard shower stall and tub combo. The double vanities are average, too.

The backyard, that’s where this place has some real character. Check out the free-form saltwater pool with cascading river rocks. There’s also a decent-sized patio, which will fit a dining set and a grill, no problem. Maybe, just to spice things up a bit, you can negotiate the flying pig!

Just north of Forest and west of Hillcrest is Preston Brook Estates. It’s a quiet little area, carved seemingly from a forest with its mature trees on typical suburban lots. The location is outstanding — you’re close to shopping all along Preston Road, you’re close to North Central Expressway, and you’re about 25 minutes from downtown.

The neighborhood is populated with 50s and 60s-era traditional ranches, which is a great home for those interested in remodeling. Pretty much anything goes with these houses (within the bounds of good taste, of course).


That’s why I like 11820 Hampstead marketed by Sylvia Scott of Allie Beth Allman & Associates. So much of the home has been remodeled, and what’s been done recently is absolutely perfect.  What original work has been kept — the gorgeous fireplaces — were definitely keepers. I love the copious living area (three rooms total!) and the two dining areas.The kitchen is adorable, too. I love the dark cabinets!

In total, this home is 3,154 square feet and priced at $575,000. You get three bedrooms and three baths, too, along with a great backyard that looks like the perfect spot to relax in no matter what the weather throws your way.

My only nit I’m going to pick is the master bath. It’s outdated, which the brass fixtures make painfully obvious. This is a pretty easy fix, though, so don’t let that put you off from this cutie!

What do you think about this house?

I have a list of things I want in my next home. It goes a little something like this: 1. Pool, 2. New or like-new kitchen, 3. Two full baths, 4. Pool.

Not only does this house have everything on that list, but it’s also in the highly sought-after neighborhood of Greenland Hills. In fact, 5330 McCommas is not only a great house for a small family, empty-nesters, or a professional couple, but the location makes it all but ideal.

This house, which is close enough to North Central Expressway to be accessible but not so close that you’ll hear traffic, will only set you back $394,000. Let’s talk about what you get for your dollars here.

For one, you’re centrally located in a cultural hotspot. You’ve got Greenville Avenue and Mockingbird Lane on your doorstep, and not too far is SMU and the Park Cities. There’s tons to do and great shopping. You’re super close to mass transit as well.

Inside the house there’s fresh paint, cute light fixtures, a practically new kitchen, and spacious bedrooms, all of which total just over 1,800 square feet. Outside there’s a pool and a deck that’s just begging for a pitcher of margaritas and a few friends from your “book club.”

So, what do you think? Is it priced right? Is it missing something?




I am just so darn giddy with excitement, I had to go search and see if I really did tell you this, and I DID!!!, last November when Central Market was under construction at Preston Royal. I had heard from a reliable source that Trader Joe’s was going to plant its second or third Dallas store at the northwest corner of North Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane.

What fabu news for the neighborhoods! The famous West Coast foodie store that you have to drag me out of in Santa Fe or Cali will anchor a new development to be built on the vacant 42-acre property on that corner that is also to include an R.E.I.

Once upon a time, many moons ago, that corner was the Willow Creek apartments and shopping center, which were torn down starting in 2007, after a fire. Provident Realty planned to build a $300 million urban shopping and housing village on the tract. But the project stalled during the recession and bank credit crunch. Wells Fargo foreclosed on the tract in late 2009. I recall an auction where no one bought. Kroenke Holdings bought the land from Wells Fargo Bank in 2010 and formed a partnership with Provident Realty to continue development. Isn’t it nice that despite the bust, this project still came together?

Seems the stinkers at Provident Realty Advisors and Kroenke Holdings of Missouri have been covertly working with Trader Joe’s since last summer, planning a 14,000 square foot store as well as a variety of other developments on the corner, including several hundred units of multifamily residential at the same time. Keeping us in the dark, eh?

Trader Joe’s is opening its first two Texas stores on June 15 in Fort Worth and Houston; nine locations have been announced for Texas so far, including two more locations in Houston and one each in Austin and San Antonio.

According to Steve Brown, Trader Joe’s is “known for its value-priced store brands, kitschy interiors and zany marketing campaigns, Trader Joe’s has been in business since 1958. The company has more than 370 stores in 32 states.” Me, I like Two Buck Chuck, the ginger cookies and everything in the prepared food case.

The neighborhood is already AA Central: Houston-based Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods has a 43,000-square-foot store (Good Lord!) near the southeast corner of Central and Walnut Hill, and is opening up another location at Preston-Royal where Blockbuster used to be. (Talk about the maturing of the community: it used to be a Toys R Us!) Then Total Wine & More, a Maryland wine and beer retailer, is opening a store in this quad. As my friend Wyman Elrod says:

“There will soon be large liquor and wine merchants on all four corners of this intersection. You should move to The Meadows or Glen Lakes and walk to get your wine! You probably can even have it delivered like Ozarka!”

Another coolio thing about this deal: the neighboring Homeowners Associations really worked with the developers on the site:

“As most of you know, the 42-acre property at the northwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway that was owned by Provident Realty Advisors was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo late last year. Because the Wells Fargo loan pre-dated the private deed restrictions (“PDR”) that The Meadows, Glen Lakes and Windsor Park had collectively negotiated with Provident, the PDR has been negated. However, the zoning that we negotiated remains in place (see www.themeadowsna.org for a copy of the approved zoning). Because of continued support from our City Council representative and the expectation that any future owner will likely seek changes to the existing zoning, we believe we will have reasonable influence in what ultimately transpires on the site. As a reminder, current zoning includes, among other things, a requirement that the western-most 385 feet (approximately 17 acres) be solely residential, with no more than 140 residences that must be townhomes (rather than condos, apartments, etc). Wells Fargo has recently opened up bidding for the site. The Joint Task Force (made up of representatives from The Meadows, Glen Lakes and Windsor Park) will continue to work with potential developers on behalf of our respective neighborhoods. The JTF is currently taking the approach that, rather than express upfront what our neighborhoods want on the site, we will wait and see what the future owner/developer has in mind.”