shotgun henryOur Odessa under $800,000 this week is a home that’s only had two owners — and the first one happened to be longtime Odessa businessman J.W. “Shotgun” Henry.

Henry was the president of Lones Travel, according to a 1973 article in the Odessa American, and D.K.T. Inc., a Coors distributorship. Former Dallas Cowboy Bob Lilly even referred to an encounter with Henry — and this house — in his book, A Cowboys Life: A Memoir.

“In 1964 a Coors distributor invited me to his home in Odessa, Texas,” Lilly wrote of the time in his post-football days when he was contemplating his own beer distributorship. “He was a real character named Shotgun Henry.”

“When I arrived at the Midland-Odessa airport, I was greeted by Shotgun,” he continued. “We got into a car and drove to his home. It was absolutely gorgeous.”

“There was a beautiful swimming pool out back, and the entire property was surrounded by an enormous fence.”