Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My!

Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My!

Tomorrow is the big day, and if you’re like me, almost all your thinking has been about the Thanksgiving meal itself: “Who likes what?” “How long does that bake?” And “how many pans can I fit in the oven at once?”   

But a holiday meal should please the eye as well as the belly: It’s not too late to plan a handsome Thanksgiving tablescape. Here’s a roundup of my favorite ideas; I hope it inspires you to make something beautiful for your own celebration tomorrow.

A tablescape doesn’t have to be elaborate to look marvelous. Over at Homey Oh My!, blogger Amy starts with an heirloom table runner, adding her copper-striped mini pumpkins, copper-tape candle holders, and bright floral arrangements from Trader Joe’s. The metal accents add a dash of glam without overpowering the simplicity of the overall look.


Found this on the fun Houston Real Estate blog called Swamplot, one of my favorites, and to whom I look for inspiration. This gorgeous photo really shows the home, and the owner, at their very best, don’t you think? What’s that saying: you snooze, you loose?

Don’t forget to send in fun, horrific house photos as you jingle merrily from party to party. [email protected]. Someone’s got to have an ugly house in Dallas — we cannot let Houston have all the fun!