7317 Fieldgate Front

This home is a fantastic rental for someone building their dream home and in need of temporary housing, or someone who decided to capitalize in our scorching market and is still looking for the perfect house to move into. And if access and amenities are what you want, you really can’t beat this location.

This is one of those rentals that, when you come across it, you feel like you’ve struck gold! It’s only been on the market for two days, and considering how sought-after the Meadows is, well, I give it a week, max.


6807 Meadow Front

So, I had a plumbing disaster at my White Rock Lake-area postwar traditional, so I’m reporting from our Forney bureau today as a means of escape from a horde of noisy dryer fans and dehumidifiers.

6807 Meadow Entry

While the three of us (me, my husband, and my 20-month-old son) are far from cramped at the in-laws’ house, I kind of wish we were holed up in the guesthouse at 6807 Meadow Road. The main house is a sizable at 6,690 square feet, and considering that it was built in 1999, there’s not much you’ll need to do inside.

6807 Meadow Living

The guest quarters, which has three bedrooms, is just over 1,300 square feet. That would be the perfect place for visiting relatives or friends, or people who had a major plumbing leak over the weekend and are waiting for insurance to make up their minds on how much our budget is for temporary housing. I’m just saying, people.

6807 Meadow Den

The first floor, including the living area and entry way, feature soaring ceilings and tons of light, thanks to banks of windows. The staircase is carpeted, which you don’t seen very often anymore, but we should, because staircases often show much more wear than we realize. Imagine coming down stairs twice a day in heels and then imagine what the steps look like after about 2 years. They’ll have more divots than a golf course on Saturday!

6807 Meadow Kitchen

With a gorgeous kitchen that has two islands and beautiful built ins, a home theatre, six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and three half baths, three fireplaces and a built-in fish tank, this Hillcrest Park mansion is on the market for just $1.599 million. It’s a great bargain!

6807 Meadow master Bath

I think that my favorite thing about this home, besides of course the guest house, is the master bath. I love the soaking tub and the full-size shower, which has more control knobs than an aircraft! The leaded-glass window is a wonderful touch in the master suite, giving light but not letting your neighbor get a look at your nether-regions.

6807 Meadow Home Theatre

The HOA dues are $300 a month, and you’ll find that this listing is in a fantastic location, too. Just ask Preston Hollow expert Lydia Player, one of the great Ebby Halliday agents representing this property. You’re just a stone’s-throw from Hillcrest, which will give you access to all the great shopping along Northwest Highway and in Preston Center.

6807 Meadow Back

What do you think?

It’s Tuesday which means its time for our complimentary taste — um, make that freebie — of Tasti-D-Lite from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 8611 Hillcrest Road, Hillcrest and NorthWest Highway intersection. 

We are hosting this EVERY Tuesday afternoon in October! Maybe even November! Just a little Tasti party to celebrate blogging and CandysDirt. Go in the store and tell them you are a reader of CandysDirt.com and hand the sweet lady your biz card. That’s it, you’ll be SERVED some yummy stuff!

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It’s Tuesday which means its time for our complimentary taste — um, make that freebie — of Tasti-D-Lite from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 8611 Hillcrest Road, Hillcrest and NorthWest Highway intersection. 

We are hosting this EVERY Tuesday afternoon in October! Just a little Tasti party to celebrate blogging and CandysDirt. I’ll be there, and can’t think of a SWEETER way to introduce you to CandysDirt.com without an ounce of guilt!

Tasti-D-Lite is lower in calories than either yogurt or ice cream and is yummy! And wait until you see all the flavors.

Finally we can have our dessert without the guilt! Candy is dandy but Tasti is slimmer!  

So, the Hillcrest Road campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church, which used to be that 16 acre Hillcrest Church, wants to chop down seven trees and build a big huge 40 foot tall cross at the northeast corner of Hillcrest and Churchill Way. Well, now they are only going to remove five. Dallas City Councilmember Linda Koop, who must cringe whenever she hears the word “Hillcrest”,  along with Plan Commissioner Bruce Bernbaum, met with church officials and have saved two of the seven trees from being demolished for the giant, lighted cross.

I ask you: is it worth living near a church? I used to think it would be rather nice. First Hillcrest Church was such a royal pain to the homeowners up there. Remember when Hillcrest applied for a specific-use permit to house Coram Deo Academy? Jeeze Louise, neighbors lined up to reiterate their HISTORIC distrust of the church and concerns over traffic. I recall the days when there were signs lining Churchill Way from Preston to Hillcrest, neighbors furious at the church for buying and demolishing homes to make additional expansion space and parking. Then they wanted a whole dang school! Church supporters spoke about the positive impact it would have, both on students and Dallas as a whole, and the importance of schools in civic life. Then Hiram Sasser, an attorney with the conservative, pro-religious freedom Liberty Institute challenged the council’s right to do anything but approve the specific-use permit, citing the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. As I recall, there was even talk of a federal lawsuit. The neighborhood went nuts.

Hillcrest got out of Dodge by selling to Prestonwood Baptist, doing what one neighbor tells me was flicking a final finger to the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association.

Well, the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association thinks the giant cross is larger than it needs to be, but have not formally objected to it.

“We understand that in a neighborhood as large as ours, there will always be differing opinions on various issues, and we respect their concerns,” wrote Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association President Bruce Wilke in an email.

Me, I think I’d just not ever buy a house within 300 feet of a mega church. Life is too short. Baby Boomers are embracing churches more as we circle the drain, and the bigger they get, the more scandalous. Recall Grapevine Churches’ pastor Ed Young urging married couples to have more sex a few years ago? These mega-churches may be getting better and better at marketing, and rich enough to buy private jets, but do they make good neighbors?

Linda Koops “coup”:

Recently a case went to Plan Commission, which involved the Prestonwood Baptist Church on Hillcrest between Forest and Churchill Way. The case was to document a change on the original Plan Development District Document for the property. The Church was adding a 40-foot cross (the vertical element is 16 inches wide by 16 inches in depth) near the front facade of the main building and relocating two signage monuments. I have checked with the City Attorney and under the City’s regulations and codes, the church had the legal right and was in full compliance with “height restrictions” and all the requirements of the “minor amendment” process to put up the cross; relocate the two signage monuments; and mitigate for tree removal. Appropriate “documentation” of the changes on the Plan Development Document was the only item the city could legally consider when the case came before Plan Commission. This type of request is a “minor amendment” and does not go to City Council.

In meeting all the requirements of the city’s regulations and codes for the “minor amendment”, the Plan Commission had to affirm its administrative duty and place the schematics for the cross on the Plan Development District Document as required by city code. Neighbors came to the hearing and voiced their concerns about to the cross, its illumination and the removal of seven trees. I very much appreciate the neighbors taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the Plan Commission meeting and voice their concerns. Even though the Plan Commission carried out its legal duty the neighbors felt more could have been done to encourage the Church to compromise in a good faith effort on the trees and the illumination hours. It was in that spirit that Plan Commissioner Bruce Bernbaum and I met with the pastor of the church this week.

As a result of our meeting the Church has agreed to remove only five of the original seven trees slated for removal. Of those five, two will be relocated behind the cross. There is some question as to the health of these two trees. I will ask the City Arborist to verify if the two trees can survive being relocated. If they can not, they will be replaced with trees of the same “caliper inch” or greater. The Church will (per city code) not allow ”spill-over light” from the illumination of the cross. In addition it will cease lighting the cross at 10:00pm. I have also asked the church for a schedule for the lighting of the parking lot. They have complied and the letter is attached.

Again, I want to thank all of those who attended the Plan Commission meeting on behalf of the neighborhood or wrote me in favor or opposed to the application. Please know that I appreciate your input. Be assured that I will always continue to support the neighborhood.

Best Regards,

Linda Koop

Dallas City Councilmember, District 11

Little mess up here: My flight back from San Fran was delayed Monday night due to rainy weather (which they needed) in Cali. I was up visiting Calistoga Ranch, as you may recall. So we decided to postpone our complimentary taste of Tasti-D-Lite on Tuesday, October 11 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 8611 Hillcrest Road, Hillcrest and NW Highway intersection. We are hosting it NEXT Tuesday October 18.

Then we decided what the heck, let’s host this EVERY Tuesday in October! Some come hungry for a guilt-free dessert every Tuesday in October! I’ll be there, and can’t think of a SWEETER way to introduce you to CandysDirt.com without the guilt!

Tasti-D-Lite is lower in calories than either yogurt or ice cream and is yummy!

Finally we can have our dessert without the guilt! Kind of like low mortgage rates…

Those who live there say Northwood Hills may just be Dallas’ best kept secret. Located just north of LBJ along Hillcrest Road, the neighborhood has a high-end aesthetic with a small town feel. Richardson schools are a huge plus. There are 1125 homes in Northwood,  average leafy lots of one-half an acre, and affordable home prices that average about $625,000. So much shopping, retail, entertainment and medical is nearby residents have a tough time choosing. The area is where many professionals, doctors and lawyers live and raise families.

Lookie here at 7319 Elmridge, a classical mid century modern listed with Ebby’s Barry Hoffer and Alan Levy for $585,000. Look at those gorgeous original terrazzo floors, will you? We had terrazzo floors when we lived on Melissa Lane and I LOVED them — easiest upkeep, and so cool in the summer.

In fact, I think I’ll start a “We Love Terrazzo Floors” club. For more information, contact Jacqui Blomquist with Coldwell Banker, the head honcho who put this Northwood Hills Home Tour — shindig together.