Photo: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Photo: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

In the midst of a sweltering hot Texas summer, we’re dreaming about a lounging by the beach with a margarita in hand, and a cool breeze. But since we’re quite a few hours away from the ocean, a luxurious pool will have to suffice. After speaking to Lance Dickinson with Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, it’s obvious that not all pools are created equal.

From technology that enables you to heat the pool to your liking from anywhere, to haute finishes that make you feel like you’re at an exclusive resort, there’s no reason why your pool shouldn’t be your mini getaway. With a little bit of guidance from the proper experts, you can easily turn your pool into your sanctuary.

Here are some current pool trends from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects you want to know about:


Now that summer is in full swing and the Texas heat has arrived, we hope everyone with a swimming pool is able to enjoy a few moments of cooling refreshment and relaxation in and around the water. For those that are just wishing for a pool or considering adding one to their property, we’ve asked renowned landscape architect Harold Leidner to show us a few of his top pool designs and some of the most popular pool features that he is incorporating for his clients.

Fountains and Water Features

HLC Fountain

HLC Fountain 2

Including fountains and water features in a pool design helps to add elements of visual interest, create an ambiance of soothing background noise to drown out neighbors or nearby traffic, and can provide a cooling factor to the air around the pool. There are many different kinds of water features such as waterfalls, bubbler jets, canon jets, laminar jets, sprays, weirs, sheer descents, rain curtains, and spillways — all of which can enhance any
pool with the many shapes and sounds of water.

Fire Features

HLC Fire HLC Fire 2

Fire is one of the most dramatic and impactful elements you can add to any pool, which will certainly crank up the “wow” factor. Not only will it create a striking, visual contrast to the water, but will help extend the outdoor season into the fall and winter and is certain to always draw a crowd when entertaining.

Technology, Automation, and Energy Efficiency

HLC Tech HLC Automation

Along with home automation, the technological capabilities of controlling, monitoring and maintaining a swimming pool have also become much easier as they can now be managed with a smartphone or tablet. With apps on your iPhone and iPad, you can easily control and turn on all aspects of your pool (spa, lights, fountains, etc.) on demand and from anywhere. Energy efficiency has also come to the forefront for swimming pools and equipment. With the advancements of LED pool lighting, variable speed pumps, and more efficient heaters, the power demands to run a pool are greatly reduced and can help impact that monthly electrical bill. The color capabilities of LED lighting can also allow you to tailor the color of the pool to any mood or for any party setting.

Infinity and Negative Edge Pools

HLC Neg edge HLC Infinity Edge

One of the more dramatic and most-requested features is an infinity or negative edge pool. These pools eliminate the traditional coping and bring water right to the edge. They are typically associated with a sloping property or dramatic views, but can be used in many different aspects to create a spectacular detail around the pool. Zero edge or gutter pools are also another similarly styled edge effect that can create an unique presentation for the typical pool surround.


HLC Tile 1 HLC Tile 2

One of the most popular ways to elevate the look and feel of a pool is by incorporating a tile finish. With thousands of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, a tile finish (specifically in a smaller scale tile (3/4”-1” square) can add an exquisite level of visual detail. The touch and feel of a glass tile is also much easier on the skin and adds an extra level of sensory feel when in the water. From solid mixes, to colorful blends and even mosaic patterns, an all-tile pool is sure to turn an average pool into a showstopper.

Fun Factor and Entertainment

HLC Slide HLC Climbing

The swimming pool is an obvious attraction and gathering place for friends and family, and there are many additional opportunities to add some outdoor amenities that may help keep the kids and family together and enrich the outdoor experience. In the audio/video realm, there are floating speakers and even underwater speakers to keep the music flowing along with projection screens to let you host your own dive-in movie. Additionally, there are many other recreational elements that can be included such as volleyball nets, basketball goals, slides, swings, swim jets, and even climbing walls.

Ready to start designing the pool of your dreams? Contact the talented staff at Harold Leidner Landscape Architects to guide you through the process and ensure a fabulous pool you’ll love that will add value to your home.