This is one of those “Thank God we live in Texas” days. Yep, ran across this nugget from on the cities with the most construction: if construction starts are a leading economic indicator, then we are in hog heaven. Three Texas metros are leading as far as construction starts and made it on the top twenty: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Dallas, no surprise to anyone, is number two right behind New York City with $9.5 billion yes billion with a b in new construction starts. Houston was number four, number five was Washington, D.C. and that dosn’t count because it’s all our tax dollars at work, number six is Chicago which is my home town and pretty perky last time I was there, but it’s also benefitting from the largesse of President Obama right now:

Another state welcoming new building is Texas. The Lone Star state accounts for three cities on our list: Dallas (No. 2), Houston (No. 3), and San Antonio (tied for No. 15). “Texas metro areas are drawing some benefit from the energy sector,” explains Murray. Dallas logged $9.5 billion in new starts last year and McGraw-Hill projects a 9 percent increase in 2012; Houston logged $8.8 billion, with an 8 percent increase expected in 2012. San Antonio welcomed $3.3 billion in new starts in 2011 and the same level of spending is expected this year.

You don’t suppose — naw —this doesn’t include the mess that is LBJ and our crapped-up roadways?