East Dallas Dynamo Britt Lopez Moves to Dallas City Center Realtors

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It’s a homecoming of sorts says Britt Lopez, who has been with Keller Williams since 2004 — back when Dallas City Center was a franchise of the brand. When Dallas City Center split from the brokerage and became independent, Lopez decided to go to Keller Williams Urban, where she has been since 2012. Now, she’s back with Kevin Caskey and his team of top-performing agents.

“For me, it’s a fresh start. It’s a new year, and it’s important for me to do that, to start over,” Lopez said. “I need to be around people who are like me, who work as hard as me, to keep me up there. I believe that an agent is only as good as the agents around them, and Dallas City Center is just a good working environment.”


The moment we saw photos of this amazing Charles Dilbeck estate at 6820 Avalon, we knew that we had to feature it here on CandysDirt.com. Homes like this — historic, incredible estates that have been lovingly restored and even updated — make Lakewood such a desirable area. No wonder it will be featured on next weekend’s Lakewood Home Festival Tour on Nov. 15 and 16, which benefits the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA.

Debbie Wiggins outside her studio cottage on the grounds of her Lakewood estate, which was once a potting shed.

Debbie Wiggins outside her studio cottage on the grounds of her Lakewood estate, which was once a potting shed.

Of course, Dilbecks in Lakewood are those gems that really stand out, and Debbie Wiggins’ home is a wonderful example of updating an architecturally significant property while still paying attention to the inherent character of the house. So much love and care have been poured into the almost half-acre estate, which includes a four-bedroom, four-bath main house with close to 3,800 square feet.

“The original potting shed in the back has been reimagined as a studio/office, and looks like a very small Dilbeck house,” Wiggins said. “Light finishes and the Dutch door make this area a happy getaway. My granddaughter calls it her ‘Mickey Mouse clubhouse.’ ”

Wiggins, who plans to list the home with Nancy Guerriero of Dallas City Center Realtors after the home tour, says that this house was the perfect home for her family, but she’s ready to downsize.

“After 37 years, the Charles Dilbeck house of my dreams became our treasured family home,” Wiggins said. “The past 6 years have been spent repairing, upgrading, and expanding upon his trademark French farmhouse design ideas. I am merely living here as a steward to maintain and pass along this wonderful home to someone else who understands and appreciates the happiness in this ‘Storybook Cottage.’ ”

Realtors and interested parties can preview this home on Nov. 14 from 1 to 4 p.m., that is, if they’re not going to the Lakewood Home Festival Auction Party sponsored by Dave Perry-Miller & Associates. Jump for more about this amazing historic home and it’s incredible owner.


Great Western Home Loans Featured Realtor: Tony Nuncio is 100 Percent Dallas!

Tony Nuncio GW Featured Realtor

We love Tony Nuncio, an amazing agent with Dallas City Center Realtors. This guy seems to score some of the coolest listings, and he is loved by every single one of his clients! We can see why — Tony works hard to make sure they’re happy.

Don’t you want a mortgage company that works just as hard for clients as Tony does? Jeff Lindigrin does at Great Western Home Loans takes great care as a lender, as he should. What has your lender done for you lately? Find out what you’re missing by contacting Jeff Lindigrin with Great Western Home Loans today.

Find out more about Tony and how he became a Realtor after the jump!


Beautiful landscaping, towering trees and a flagstone path from

This hidden gem of a neighborhood in North Oak Cliff is becoming more and more popular it seems, with deals under $300K becoming as rare as the buffalo tenderloin at Fearings. That doesn’t mean there aren’t several great properties in Kiestwood, a fantastic nabe with tons of character and the kind of close-knit community you crave.

This particular home at 2848 Woodmere is on a huge corner lot and has pretty much everything you could possibly desire. Lush landscaping, tons of entertaining space, a koi pond, a pool, a lanai and a deck, plus a studio/workroom as well as a 2-car garage … The home seems to be just an endless amount of space!


Tuesday Two Hundred: L-Streets Cutie Marketed by Kevin Caskey Himself

Kevin Kiosk F

I was on my way to drop my son off at preschool when all the sudden I saw Kevin Caskey’s face at Mockingbird and Abrams. His kiosk ad, a slick, minimalist magazine cover is one of several Dallas City Center’s top agents are rolling out. After seeing the kiosk ad, it reminded me that I needed to check in with him about what listings DCC has in the wings.

As it turns out, I did exactly what Caskey’s ad was supposed to make me do.

“When you’re driving by, it has to capture your attention. What we want to do is use the kiosk ads as a way of, not necessarily building a brand, but to stay top-of-mind,” Caskey said.

When I called Caskey today we had a great chat about advertising, their fabulous new agents, and this L-Streets charmer at 10030 Lanshire that is as rare as a unicorn these days.

“It’s been a hot property because there’s nothing in this price range in Lake Highlands,” Caskey said. “Under $300,000 is so hard to find in this area. It’s unheard of!”

10030 Lanshire Front


6102 Penrose Front

Looking for an adorable home that’s close to a fantastic area, has access to mass transit, is updated inside, feels large but not too big, and feeds into award-winning schools? Then you’ll love this Austin stone cottage in Wilshire Heights.

This is one of my favorite East Dallas nabes sheerly for the location: bordered by Mockingbird Lane to the north, Skillman Street to the west, Abrams road to the east, and McCommas to the south, this neighborhood has access to great amenities with fantastic architecture and is close to tons of retail, including the Lakewood Whole Foods. It feeds into Stonewall Jackson Elementary, J.L. Long Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson High School — all sought after, high-achieving, Dallas ISD campuses.

And 6102 Penrose, marketed by Dallas City Center Realtor Erika Warfield, is nothing to sniff at!



Talk about an interesting Realtor! Erika Warfield has a background in TV and has a passion for real estate. Warfield, whose a Realtor with Dallas City Center, is a Dallas transplant who loves our city and is the first to say that she may not be a native, but she got her as soon as she could.

Besides channelling Joan Jett and being an altogether rock star (really!) Warfield is funny, humble, straightforward, and so much fun to talk to. Those are all fantastic assets you want in a Realtor, which is why she is this week’s Great Western Home Loans Featured Realtor, sponsored by Jeff Lindigrin.

Jeff takes great care as a lender, as he should. Of course, every sale should have a lender that works just as hard to get a great deal as their Realtor. What has your lender done for you lately? Find out what you’re missing by contacting Jeff Lindigrin with Great Western Home Loans today.


5743 Monticello Front

At one time I used to dislike Tudors. (Calm down! This is a story of redemption!!!)

After hearing from several Realtors and seeing many charming listings, I am a Tudor convert. I now see why everyone loves these homes so much. They are cozy, ripe with history and character, and full of fantastic details. Dallas is lucky, I suppose, that we have so many homes in this architectural style. We have neighborhoods full of them, just bursting with Tudors, and many are absolutely heartbreaking in their beauty.

However, today, I will introduce to you the perfect Tudor.

Yes, I know that “perfect” is relative. So let me say that there is not one thing I don’t love about this home. That’s what makes it perfect to me