6511 Mimosa Lane extUpdate, August 28, 7:15 pm: Turns out Rhonda doesn’t live next door anymore!

Finally, someone will maybe actually move in!

This beautiful stone Preston Hollow manor was built in 2007, purchased in 2010 and really, honestly, never lived in. The owners live in a foreign country and bought the home for a “someday escape” to the U.S. that never materialized. So it’s like getting a brand new home that belies it’s seven years plus, of course, a big huge plus: there is a very famous neighbor next door. (more…)

3417 Villanova ext

The thing about buying a home from a super sports star like, say, Jose Calderon, is that when a guy has a #28 million contract, you just know he’s not going to skimp out on anything in his home. Like, those light fixtures are definitely not from the Home Depot, so sir.

I present to you the magnifique Santa Barbara styled palace of Jose Calderon, former Dallas Maverick who is now playing for the New York Knicks. Too bad he has to unload this vavavavoom at 3417 Villanova in University Park. Listed for a mere $2,495,000, this California delight is marketed by Jamie Adams, agent to the sports star world, at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International real estate. (more…)


It seems that Tom and Cinda Hicks are getting ready to build another vacation home in La Jolla. We know they already have one place on the water in that delectable beach town, bought in 1994 for $1.875 million, but according to my colleague, Neil Leitereg at The LA Times, Tom and Cinda have purchased a circa 1950’s home on a corner lot within walking distance of La Jolla Bay.



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Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched TNT’s Dallas mid-season premier yet, which launched Monday night, you may want to just look at all the pretty pictures.

To find out this amazing home on Southfork Road, jump!

4005 Southfork Front


10777 Strait Lane extIt’s July, it’s getting hot, muggy, who’s really working? Take the day off and go to a pool and pretend you are swimming at this house, the famous Dallas White House at the corner of the regal Lanes Strait and Royal.

Last week when President Obama was in Dallas, he should have toured this house and just made an offer: listed with Joan Eleazer of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Real Estate, the asking price is a mere $19,500,000. After all, he will be out of the Washington White House in two years, not that I’m counting, and this place totally upstarts the Bush compound over on Daria. The president was fundraising last week at the home of Marc Robert and Wendy Stanley at 7403 Midbury in JanMar. I love JanMar, but Strait Lane is so much more presidential! And it’s already, I believe, in the no-fly zone!

The Dallas White House is the home of Cathy and Ralph Oats, who started Wellness International Network, have been married to each other forever, and have a large extended family.



And to tell the truth, I think The Dallas White House upstarts the White House in D.C., too. Where to begin?

This elegant, totally gated estate is sited on 3.3 beautifully landscaped acres that have been exquisitely manicured by that landscape genius Harold Leidner. This is one of Harold’s crowning landscape glories! It is at the southwest corner of Strait Lane and Royal. If you are a veteran of the area, you may recall the home was not always this gracious and a near White House replica, though it was the previous owners who named it such. It was, in fact, a bit of a head-scratcher because the original house was red brick! (more…)

4935 Radbrook extEvery so often, a landmark Dallas home comes along for sale that makes you catch your breath and want to mortgage your first-born child so you can buy it.

Such is the Herman and Mimi Lay estate at 4935 Radbrook Place in Preston Hollow. Have you seen this home in spring? It has oceans of tulips sprouting in colors so vivid you do think you are in Holland. And the azaleas! No wonder the the Lay Ornamental Garden in the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is named in honor of Herman and Mimi.

On June 9, 4935 Radbrook hit the MLS and life has not been the same since. The home, built in 1962, was designed by renown architect Cole Smith, who is married to Sherry Hayslip. The home was built by Hal Anderson.

This month it appears as one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas as anointed by D Home Magazine. Sometimes I don’t agree with those selections, but I have to say this one is right on target! And even better on the inside, I think, than out! The home was custom built for Herman and Sarah Amelia (Mimi) in 1962. Herman Lay, of course, started the H.W. Lay Co., Inc, which is now part of the Frito-Lay corporation.

So in a way, this is a home that potato chips built! (more…)

Update: I have confirmed that this is indeed Tony Romo’s foundation. The building site has a huge fence around it, so likely this will be the last photo we shall see. (Cough cough.)  Also, Tom Weber is the architect, Robbie Fusch is the architect of record for Glen Abbey, truly one of the most beautiful developments in Dallas.

Is this Tony Romo’s foundation to his new home in Glen Abbey? To tell the truth, we are not sure. This photo was tweeted by

 ‏@Matt_Mendoza15, who claims this is the launching pad for the new Romo estate. The Romo house WILL have a huge basement, I hear.

It makes sense. Why? (more…)


Troy Aikman just purchased this home on St. Johns for $4.3 million. 

This just in from the lovely, amazing, and talented Alan Peppard: Troy Aikman has bought his second Highland Park home in three months, this time opting for the 6,000-square-foot former home of reporter and author Jane Wolfe.

The mansion on St. Johns was purchased by Aikman for a confirmed $4.3 million. Aikman’s last purchase was an 11,000-square-foot Mount Vernon manse built by Tatum Brown on Normandy that is just incredible inside and out, with beautiful landscaping by Harold Leidner.

3801 Normandy


Aikman’s home on Normandy was built by Tatum Brown and features a lush landscape by Harold Leidner

While the home is gorgeous and has entertained and hosted notables such as former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, the 73-year-old red brick estate may not be long for this world. From Peppard:

Aikman has long expressed to friends his plan to build a new home and the Wolfe home sits on a stunning promontory overlooking the Connor Lake section of Turtle Creek.

Even more interesting is how the transaction between Aikman and Wolfe was completed. Wolfe, whose family owns the Columbus Dispatch and is considered the first family of Ohio, is also a well-known author and definitely has a flair for the dramatic.

It took an exchange of autographs to seal the purchase. Wolfe is the author of The Murchisons, a book chronicling the family of Dallas Cowboys founder Clint Murchison Jr.

“When we were back and forth negotiating the price, he asked me to sign a copy of my Murchison book,” she says. “I asked him for a signed Troy Aikman jersey.”

To celebrate the closing, Troy and Jane and her daughter, Lee Harris, had dinner at Fireside Pies.
“He gave me a big, beautiful jersey,” Jane says, “and I gave him a big Murchison book inscribed, “To the best Cowboy ever.”

Fabulous story! And now we must wonder, will Troy hire Tatum Brown, a CandysDirt.com Approved Builder, to construct his new Highland Park home overlooking Turtle Creek? In the meantime, check out these photos of Wolfe’s beautiful home, complete with mirrored ceilings and leopard-print carpet on the staircase!

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