Another exquisite project recently completed by Bauhaus Custom Homes. (Photo credit: Bauhaus Custom Homes)

Another exquisite project recently completed by Bauhaus Custom Homes. (Photo: Bauhaus Custom Homes)

German native and President of Bauhaus Custom Homes, Marc Kleinmann, moved to the United States in 1996. His father was a real estate developer so the industry has been in his blood for quite a while.

Kleinmann took a hiatus from the housing/real estate industry, working in advertising for the first few years after immigrating to the US. He slowly returned by flipping a few houses at a time and eventually building spec houses. In 2007, during the economic downturn, he started Bauhaus Custom Homes.

“Downturns are good for any industry. It forces people to rethink and retool how they do things; they learn to do them more efficiently,” says Kleinmann. “Building a house is a team sport,” he continues. Bauhaus started out small but as the economy improved, it has taken on more projects and more staff to collaborate on home building projects from start to finish.



Hardware and appliances with clean lines are used throughout S & R homes. (Photo credit: Saad Chehabi)

Hardware and appliances with clean lines are used throughout S & R homes. (Photo credit: Saad Chehabi)

Saad Chehabi has been a businessman for more than three decades. He started his own mosaic tile company and was the supplier for many hotels in Las Vegas in addition to many celebrities’ homes. He parlayed his design knowledge and business acumen to found his own residential construction company, S & R Development, in Dallas in 2002.

“We started out building custom homes in Highland Park and Preston Hollow and have expanded to other areas,” he says. S & R prides itself in giving customers high-quality homes showcasing the company’s attention to detail and style.

“I’m very hands on. I don’t leave a project,” says the SMU graduate and native of Syria. “I run each one personally and cannot spend time away from what I’m working on so I limit the number of projects I take and try to keep them close together.” Currently he has four projects going in the Preston Hollow area, three of which are over 8,000 square feet. His company recently completed a large home in Plano and the homes in PH should be completed by the end of this year and the beginning of next.

“I’m seeing customers wanting less traditional homes these days,” says Chehabi. “New home construction is more about cleaner lines overall.”



Tom Greico’s project on Easton Road is a modern home that takes full advantage of the long lot and canopy of trees.

He’s passionate about building custom homes that evoke the clean lines and accessible floorplans for which he’s known. Forward-thinking, open, and bright, Tom Greico’s brand of modern has developed a loyal following.

“They go on the internet and they see me on Facebook and they follow me. People will come up to me and say, ‘We saw your house on Such-and-such Road,'” Greico says with a laugh. And after that, they often ask when Greico Modern Homes be available to build the home of their dreams. With eight projects right now, he says it’ll be about a year or so before he can start something new, but it’s great to be in-demand, Greico said.


Chrome is Back! Jeff Dworkin of JLD Custom Homes Shares Trends and Market News

Chrome is in... the bathroom!

Chrome is back, especially in the bathroom, along with oversized tile. (Photo credit: Shoot2Sell)

“Chrome is back in,” says Jeff Dworkin, president of JLD Custom Homes, a approved builder. In the past, people wanted polished nickel fixtures and accents in their custom homes, but the trend in 2014 is something shiny and easy to clean – chrome. Custom home buyers these days are looking for homes that are energy efficient and “green,” too. Jeff says JLD builds all their homes to very high standards – Energy Star 3.0 and Green Built Texas, to be specific.

Buyers are also looking for well-laid-out homes, meaning a home that makes the best use of all square footage. “We try to design our homes with as little wasted space as possible,” he says. President of the Dallas Builders Association, Dworkin says buyers are currently looking for custom homes that are transitional — something that bridges the gap between traditional Texas-style brick and the more modern home. There’s no better example than JLD’s newest custom home inside The Enclave on Tucker Street, pictured here.


Imagen 011

By Sam Graham
Director of Operations and Marketing

Veranda Fine Homes, a Approved Builder

Sam Graham HeadshotEvery home construction project is unique, as are the homeowners; however, no matter the project or people involved, there is one universal question we are always asked: “What will this project cost?”  Your budget is one of the things that keep us up at night.  We would love nothing more than to give you a number that comes in below your “budget” and move forward, but unfortunately, this is almost never the case for a variety of reasons.

When starting this process, we know you have a budget.  We know you have a finite amount of cash allocated towards your home and going above this amount will put you in a less than desirable place financially.  You will communicate this number to us repeatedly and express that we stay within this number.  We truly don’t want or mean to go above this number, however, there are several factors that serve to increase the “budget.”  Jump for six tips to think about that will help you stay within budget.



The team at Veranda Fine Homes has been building non-stop, it seems. From traditional, to Mediterranean, to Hill Country-inspired, Veranda is putting out fresh, new takes on architecture and filling their homes with high-end finishes and clean lines. With outstanding customer reviews and loyalty, it’s no wonder that Kyle Belew and his team have earned a spot as a Builder.


LRO Residential Has Fabulous Lots Available to Build The Home of Your Dream

LRO Chadbourne Front Ext

Les Owens of LRO Residential has some great lots available right now to build the custom home of your dreams.

“These are some great build sites — all have very nice street widths and also have good depths,” Owens said. “These lots really cover a lot of buyer needs, from smaller homes for empty nesters, to a larger type estate houses, with these four lots there is something for everyone.”

And LRO Residential can truly build something for everyone. As one of our Approved Builders, we’ve vetted this company and found that they are the best of the best at satisfying customers and building great homes that last.

6411 Woodland Lot Pic

Owens said that the lot at 6411 Woodland is completely cleared and ready to start building. The 80 x 140 Preston Hollow lot can accommodate at 5,000-square-foot home for $1,475,000.

6703 Woodland Corner Lot Pic

In seven days the spacious corner lot at 6703 Woodland will be cleared and ready for a 4,500-square-foot home. The estimated price of the house and land is close to $1.4 million.

6416 Park Lane Lot Pic

Or you could snap up 6416 Park Lane, a 76 x 147 Preston Hollow lot that can accommodate a 5,000-square-foot home for just over $1.5 million.

5634 Caruth Lot Pic

And last, but certainly not least, Owens said that a lot at 5634 Caruth — a sizable Devonshire place fit for an estate at 92 x 140 — just became available. He’s not quite sure what the value of this land will be, but I can attest that it will certainly be an amazing place to build!

Find out more about Les Owens and LRO Residential right here.



Jeff Dworkin

Jeff Dworkin started out working for a big production builder, but decided to strike out on his own to give his clients a custom home that won’t break the bank. We love what JLD Custom Homes offers clients — luxury finishes anyone can afford — and that’s why he’s a builder. Dworkin, who is known to go the extra mile for his customers, told us a little more about what motivates him. So, where are you from?

Jeff Dworkin: Originally from a town just north of NYC. Left there to go to school at University of Texas and now just go back to visit!

CD: Why did you come down to Dallas and how did you get into real estate?

Dworkin: I was transferred here from Austin in 2002 with one of the big production builders to head up operations and became their division president shortly thereafter.

CD: Where is home for you in Dallas?

Dworkin: We live in southwest Plano, just north of the PGBT (Editor’s note: That’s President George Bush Turnpike, for those of you who rarely venture outside 635!).

CD: And you drive a… let me guess, Mercedes Benz???

Dworkin: For work, what else, a Ford F-150. Weekends, have a little Lexus SC430 Convertible, 10 years old and only 40k miles.

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

Dworkin: Knox/ Henderson area. I like the restaurants and the area — why not, since we build in the area.

CD: What business transaction are you most proud of?

Dworkin: Many, whenever folks say someone won’t buy in that neighborhood or in that location, we look at it as a challenge and bring that “affordable” custom home into the area!

CD: JLD Custom Homes is a brand with staying power. Likewise, how did 2012 treat you?

Dworkin: Business has picked up and we have noticed a lot of new signs and faces in the East Dallas neighborhoods. What we ask people that are out looking is “How long has that company been in the business? How long have their principals been in the business?” We are one of the survivors of the recession because we planned and executed. A lot of good builders that had been in this business for 30 or 40 years went under during the last few years.

CD: What have you learned in 25 years of building?

Dworkin: You gotta change with the times and constantly have your eyes and ears open. It is also important to be “involved!” That’s why I got heavily involved with the Dallas Builders Association and am the first VP.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

Dworkin: Be a sommelier. I love a good glass of Merlot or Syrah and have traveled many times to Napa and Sonoma to sample the fruits of the vine!

CD: Where is the perfect location for a second home?

Dworkin: On a lake close enough to a ski area that you can use it during the summertime to boat and in the wintertime to ski! Areas around Deer Valley, Utah, fit this description.