Discovering Oak Cliff: Looking For a Value? Then Look to Elmwood!

1839 Tennessee Front Elev

By Patrick L. Boyd
Special Contributor

Ah, Oak Cliff – my how times have changed … and fast!

There was a time that there were only about two or three areas anyone outside of Oak Cliff had heard of, let alone would think about living in – those of us who have been over here a while called it the “Ooooo” factor. “Oooooak Cliff?” They’d say, with raised eyebrows.

The inevitable first question:
“Isn’t it dangerous”? No

Followed by the second and third questions: “Where do you shop for groceries,” and “Where do you eat”? We did have some decent options, actually.

Well, those times seem to in the rear-view mirror, as even national and international media is picking up on the “Brooklyn of Dallas.” We’ve even been called that hipster of hipster part of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. Not sure we’re there yet!


Lakewood Tops CNN Money List of Best Urban Neighborhoods


The secret is getting out, folks! Lakewood is a treasure!

We already love Lakewood. I mean, how could you not? It’s a Hot Neighborhood, and for good reason. Besides having a stellar demographic, this area is known for its architecture, proximity to Dallas’ Crown Jewel — White Rock Lake — and has some of the friendliest neighbors in Dallas.

The write up from CNN Money gives you a little peek on why they named Lakewood No. 9 in their Best Big-City Neighborhood list:

The key to Lakewood is in the name. During the day, the action is on the bike/walk trails circling White Rock Lake, and in the sprawling parks and gardens. Later, people head into town for shopping and dining, maybe capped with a movie at the Art Deco–style Lakewood Theater.

One of the city’s older neighborhoods, Lakewood offers a mix of homes, including stately Tudors. While not cheap, real estate prices are reasonable enough to attract young professionals and families.

Another plus: a very low crime rate.


Of course, they had to mention that some Lakewood schools are less-than-stellar, but they did acknowledge that elementary campuses are improving. And they gave us a little jab about our public transit system, but really, if you’re in Lakewood, you can bike or walk to just about everything — even Whole Foods! Of course, the Lakewood Neighborhood Association also puts on one of the best home tours, where you can peek inside some of the coolest homes!

Here’s a little sticking point for me — when was the last time Lakewood Theater showed a movie? Maybe in the 1970s? I’ve never seen one there.