Family Christmas Hearth


It’s Christmas Eve Eve, as my mother likes to call it, and we are doing everything we can to prepare our home to host a few friends and plenty of magic. When you live in 1,400 square feet, cozy is easy. But how do you achieve that kind of warm atmosphere on a larger scale? It’s in the accessories, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

Her boutique in the Dallas Design District is my favorite spot to get inspired for the holidays. Thanks to Schaeffler’s German heritage, she gives her Christmas decor a fun, cultural spin that exudes elegance.


Get Your List Covered at Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Tomorrow

BSC Front

If you have friends and family with impeccable taste, you have to stop by Bernadette Schaeffler Collection tomorrow. This is the store to shop for everyone on your list, and I mean that. Gorgeous accessories, barware, serving dishes, art and decor … all of it is tremendously beautiful and meets the highest standards — Bernadette’s!

I went down to Schaeffler’s showroom at 1616 HiLine Drive today to check things out and not only did Schaeffler have delicious German treats to share, but she has a wonderful assortment of both small and substantial pieces that make wonderful gifts.  The Holiday Bazaar will run from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow, so stop by and find something exceptional for everyone on your list!

BSC Couch

Stay tuned, because we’ll be featuring more fabulous items from the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection as we count down to Christmas!

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Hosts Holiday Bazaar


Trust us: Not all Christmas shopping is fun. A lot of it is an anxiety-fueled race to the finish line and that is the opposite of fun. So if you’re looking for an excuse to enjoy yourself while doing some legitimate Christmas shopping, look no further than the Bernadette Shaeffler Collection showroom in the Dallas Design District.


Bernadette Schaeffler Offers Tips For a Stylish, Budget-Friendly Bedroom

A little luxury on a budget can be achieved with careful design, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

A little luxury on a budget can be achieved with careful design, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

We’re all looking for ways to maximize our style on a budget, but for those who want high-fashion interiors on a dime, it takes some thought and care to do it right.

Interior designer Bernadette Schaeffler says that beautiful rooms don’t have to pull on your purse strings. She offered several great tips to achieving a stylish bedroom on a budget.


Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Hosts Luis Vidal ENCOUNTERS After Party

Heathrow Terminal 2

We are just trembling with excitement about the Luis Vidal “Encounters” exhibition opening Sept. 10. The Dallas event is the third stop for the architecture presentation and interactive exhibit featuring the works of Luis Vidal + Architects, with previous events held in Washington, D.C., and New York. Hosted by the Dallas Center for Architecture, there will be an opening reception at DCFA starting at 6 p.m., with a book signing with Vidal himself.

You won’t want to miss perusing some of the incredible works by LVA, a very influential force in architecture behind London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal. The structure is modern and sleek with an undulating roof that evokes the wings of an aircraft cutting through the clouds.

Of course, after you’ve been inspired by “Encounters,” head to the Design District showroom of the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection for a festive after party celebrating the opening, which starts at 8:30 p.m. at 1616 HiLine Drive. RSVP at [email protected].

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.33.10 PM

Combining interesting patterns and shapes with jewel tones over a gray backdrop is a classic combination for fall, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

Fall is a huge season for freshening up your decor, and using a few new color can add that bit of seasonal pop you’re looking for. Of course, gray is still the neutral of choice, from dark to light and from warm to bright, this do-everything color is a great base from which to play. But what colors should you use to bring your fall palette to life? Bernadette Schaeffler took a short break from designing her new sofa collection in Italy to tell us what we should look for this fall.


Laura Moore Watercolor

With soft edges and bright colors, McKinney artist Laura Moore‘s watercolor paintings are inspirational, especially to designer Bernadette Schaeffler. The artist, who painted Schaeffler’s Hi Line Drive storefront in 2012, has a way with color and form.

With new digital apps on the market that can transform any photo into a watercolor painting, Schaeffler says the compulsion to Waterlogue can become a habit. Why? Because the results are simply gorgeous.

“Why are people suddenly obsessed with an old technique transferred into the social media world? In my opinion it is the fascination of watercolors’ transparency and the vivid colors it brings with it,” Schaeffler said. “It runs, bleeds, mixes and separates on its own and composes wonderful artwork.”

Still, the app is no substitute for the work of a skilled artist such as Moore, Schaeffler adds.

“I was already obsessed with original watercolors before this incredible app came on the market,” Schaeffler said. “I still prefer the original artist work over the app. Laura, for example, is really gifted and knows her work well. Her paintings are so refreshing and perfect!”

Schaeffler recently hosted an exhibition for Moore, which was called “Melded Memories.” It is an apt name that really describes the nostalgic nature of watercolors, and how they are almost dreamlike.

Watercolor Bedroom

This technique doesn’t need to be limited to artwork, Schaeffler says. You can incorporate watercolors into your decor using faux finishes and wallpaper. It’s a dramatic and gorgeous way to up the glamour of any room.

We definitely agree. To see furnishings and accessories that will perfectly complement the nostalgia of watercolors, visit the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection at 1616 Hi Line Drive in the Dallas Design District. Find out more about Bernadette Schaeffler and her design aesthetic on her website.


Modern Couch with Antiques

We’ve seen a renaissance of sorts when it comes to modern decor, but more homeowners and designers are moving away from cold and overly linear motifs to warmer versions. Bernadette Schaeffler, owner of her eponymous design showroom near downtown, thinks the minimalist Bauhaus style is here to stay, but adding antiques and texture can bring in warmth to otherwise monochrome furnishings.

“I personally believe that the minimalistic Bauhaus style will still be trendy in 2014,” Schaeffler said. “I think that this design style will be mixed with more decorative features. Imagine such modern design with one antique piece — it can make the interior very luxurious and more inviting. Neoclassical accessories look fabulous in this design.

Mixing minimalist furniture with more feminine decor is a lot like how Transitional style melds traditional-style furniture with modern palettes and accessories. But with many people moving to urban environments and smaller dwellings, a lot of furnishings will have to do double duty.

Bauhaus Table Color

“Given the fact that I see more and more people moving into apartments, I see a trend in different shelf systems. It can be used as room dividers or bookshelves that gives character and personality to a home,” Schaeffler said. This goes hand in hand with the slow-growing but important move to more eco-friendly manufacture and design.

“I truly believe that in future people will choose materials that are more eco-friendly,” Schaeffler added. “Being German, for me, this was always an important concept. I remember the members of the Green party in early 1980s Germany sitting in our government in sweaters, knitting for the family while making politics. As we have to protect Earth I believe that manufacturers will use more eco-friendly environmental friendly materials.”

But eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean drab. Schaeffler thinks color is going to play a bigger role in decor, with pops of turquoise and lighter wood working in harmony to create a more Zen-like environment. The goal, of course, is to make homes more relaxed and “livable,” Schaeffler said.

“I think it is over to just design house or apartment to look good,” Schaeffler added. “I believe that in 2014, people will want to make their homes livable yet stylish!”

Find out more about Bernadette Schaeffler’s style and personality at her Design District showroom.