This three-bedroom, two-bath home in Andrews is perfect for a family.

Finding a three-bedroom, two-bath rental that doesn’t break the bank is hard – which is why we went a little further afield this week, to Andrews.

Andrews, which is in the center of the Permian Basin, has been called the Oilfield Capitol of Texas. With a little more than 13,000 people living there, the town boasts that it is 100 percent debt free – as is Andrews County.

Andrews ISD boasts an enviable four-year graduation rate of 96 percent (the state average is 89 percent) and an average of one teacher for every 14.2 students. The district has a Texas Education Agency accountability rating of “Met Standard.” (more…)

Photo: Waste Control Specialists

Photo: Waste Control Specialists

A nuclear waste dump in the West Texas town of Andrews could become a central disposal site for spent radioactive fuel should Waste Control Specialists get its way. The company is hoping to bring in tens of thousands of barrels containing nuclear waste from across the nation to West Texas. It’s part of  an interim solution for the dearth of specialized containment sites, WCS says, but the stumbling block is the Andrews dumps classification as a repository for low-level radioactive waste, whereas some of the spent rods used to generate electricity at several nuclear power plants across the nation may be more volatile, according to a report from the Texas Tribune.