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Remember when we told you about Gabe Abshire’s Utility Concierge, the brilliant company that hooks up all your utilities and services when you move into a new home? Thinking of what a pain in the neck all that can be gives me a headache and makes me almost not want to move!

We told Realtors and readers how smart this company is, and how it’s free to the consumer. You move into a home, you call Utility Concierge, and within 24 hours a nice gentleman who speaks English calls you back. They are in Dallas, not Bangladesh, I have seen them with my own eyes. They handle all of your utility hook ups from the water to the high speed internet and security. Cost to you: nada.  And they get you the very best pricing. How? Easy: they have huge market share so they can lean on the utilities for the best rates. They come back to you with the best package rates, you decide what you want, supply a credit card or check, and it’s done. Gabe tells me that with most homeowners, all it takes is ONE call! (more…)

Rupert Murdoch

I have been preaching this since I started blogging about Real Estate: Real Estate and the web are a perfect marriage, a match made in heaven. Print advertising is great for branding and luxurious story-telling, but it cannot help you market homes effectively. It’s too old, too slow, too expensive. Online is where EVERYONE looks for real estate — to quote Tony Ruggeri of Republic Property Group when I asked if most of their clients came from the web:

“Show me a client that does NOT come from the web,” he challenged me.

I’ve spent a little time in Midland recently, and even people in West Texas are all over the internet looking for land.

The Zillow-Trulia merger shocked the real estate world, as agents wondered what was next. Would Zulia, with it’s huge audience, try to take over listings or become it’s own MLS? Was this the end of the agent as we know it? (more…)

Rupert Murdoch

I cannot even begin to fathom what this means, can you? But it sure seems smart and, well, like a big huge fat checkmate for Zulia — that is, Zillow and Trulia.

(Recall Zillow is acquiring Trulia, to gain a huge market share in online real estate listings and news. The entire world of real estate is freaking somewhat.)

Murdoch’s News Corp, mega behemoth media giant, will acquire all of Move’s outstanding shares and take over the company. Apparently, they have the full blessings of the National Association of Realtors. Move, of course, has a unique contract with the NAR to post listings from all the various members of NAR across the country — the agents. That is why Realtor.com website content is more accurate than Zillow or Trulia’s.  Murdoch’s gonna have fun with this one. He’s now got the data straight from the horse’s mouth. Yippee! Expect many more real estate shows on television, and a totally jazzed up site which is, frankly, what Realtor.com needs. (more…)

It’s been a day trying to interpret and predict the future of the real estate industry. Good grief! Jeff Farris of BubbleLife Media reminded me that seven years ago, we didn’t have a verb called “google.” I was just getting an iphone. I started a “blob” called DallasDirt!

We think maybe in another five to seven years, we may have a verb called “Zillow” or “Zulia” as in : did you Zillow (or Zulia) that house?

What this means to the real estate industry: Zillow, now married to Trulia with a pretty sizable dowry, will have much more money, efficiency and power than the splintered MLS’s across the country. As Rob Hahn pointed out: they did a $3.5 billion deal that united two real estate giants in 6 WEEKS! Speed kills the competition. (more…)

Jabba_the_Hutt (2)Andrea Bramblia at Inman has more on the victory for Move Inc. and the National Association of Realtors, handed out yesterday by a Washington state Superior Court judge who gave the companies a preliminary injunction against Zillow and its chief industry development officer, Errol Samuelson. Samuelson scooted over to Zillow last March without much warning. While this is just a preliminary injunction, I find this graph to be very interesting:

Judge Barbara Linde said Samuelson, formerly Move’s chief strategy officer and realtor.com’s president, had misappropriated Move’s and NAR’s trade secrets by acquiring them using improper means and by copying information without authorization.

She further concluded that Samuelson’s conduct both before and after his resignation from Move threatens misappropriation of Move’s and NAR’s trade secret information and could result in “irreparable harm” to them if disclosed. (more…)

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