Downtown Dallas: What Can We Do To Make It Better?

Bad traffic signal downtown

Leah has committed to tracking more of what’s happening in downtown Dallas Real Estate this year, and that’s great because there is a lot to track!

I love downtown Dallas, I just don’t like getting there. And I’m no stranger to urban living. I have lived in three different urban environments: Chicago, New York and Boston. While I may be partial to Chicago (pizza and food), living in New York was a time I will never forget and, in fact, often want more of. It was the most intellectually stimulating period of my life, I met the most intelligent and unique personalities ever, and I loved the dynamic 24/7 energy — even the day I watched our groceries rolling down  Amsterdam Avenue because it had started to rain and we were carrying them in paper bags.

That’s why I’m not a huge fan of the new plastic bag ban.

I was in the best shape ever because I didn’t have a car. We walked everywhere. Of course, New York City has busses and the subway — I lived on public transportation. (Note: an earlier draft said “pubic” transportation — typo. Ha! There was lots of that, too!)   On the negative, NYC is cold, then hotter than Dallas in summer.  I got sloshed by a lot of busses and taxis, and cleaned my windowsills daily to keep out the city grime.

Two years ago I spent 10 consecutive days in the city when my son lived there, and I came home to Dallas and kissed my car. (more…)

Scott Johnson Speaks Publicly About Museum Tower, Reflecting


Joanna found this great piece by Scott Johnson, principal at Johnson Fain, and the architect who designed our beautiful Museum Tower, which has received ever so much flack for it’s reflectivity that has, they say, damaged art and grass at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

In the article, it surprised me to learn that Johnson says he has never been contacted by media: (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving Day To All of You From All of Us

Fall 2014

It’s a stunning day in North Texas and we hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Whether you are cooking, with family or friends, dining out, working (my husband is delivering babies!), or enjoying a quiet day of rest and reflection, we want you to know how much we cherish our readers and followers here on CandysDirt and on our sister site, We are grateful for you!

We’ll be on post light for the next few days, unless we find some house porn or celebrity news that is too delicious to resist. So settle back, stay safe, eat a lot and work it off, and enjoy the tremendous beauty and abundance that we are blessed with in Dallas. We are very fortunate indeed, and for this I give thanks every single day! Here’s what 30,000 people looked like at this morning’s Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot… well, at the finish line! (more…)


Cabana hotel cracks 1

I was down at The House yesterday, where I about fainted when I toured some of the few units left to sell: gorgeous and such a bargain! From the 25th floor, I looked out and saw the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge rising in her majesty, as if she was part of The House design. Then, to the right of MHH I saw The old Cabana Hotel, bordering the Dallas Design District. What a stark contrast (no pun intended, well, maybe intended) to the smooth, clean crisp whiteness of The House. God, I thought, that is going to make an amazing development. Then I drove over to the Cabana just to feel the vibe. Take a close up look. (more…)


You know that beautiful, 107 year old Dallas High School (once the home of Crozier Tech) that sits adjacent to the Dallas area Rapid Transit Pearl Street Station, at Bryan and Pearl, north of downtown? Comes word that Dallas developer Jack Matthews has it under contract, with plans to redevelop it into — hopefully — residential living. The building has been empty since the 1990’s, as this photo from the Dallas Morning News shows: (more…)

Buzz Unit 409 Buzz Lofts

Is the Cedars — a neighborhood of once-industrial properties just south of downtown — the next big thing in Dallas?

If you’re to answer that question with the number of new and upcoming projects in the neighborhood, which include a new Alamo Drafthouse and a redeveloped Plaza Hotel using TIF funds, as well as the number of businesses attracted to the area, then yes, it’s the “next big thing.” But for those who live in any of the myriad cool loft developments in the area, it’s always been a great place to be.


Dallas High School Dallas Whisperer

Photo: The Dallas Whisperer

I think, given its location and size, that the Dallas High School (nee’ Crozier Tech) building at Pearl Street and Bryan just across from Plaza of the Americas at the DART Rail station, should be a combined live/work loft space, a kind of incubator for artists and entrepreneurs. It would give something to the area that the nearby Dallas Arts District desperately needs — affordable housing for artists.


John Wiley Price's Home at 406 E. 5th Street in North Oak Cliff

John Wiley Price’s Home at 510 E. 5th Street in North Oak Cliff

John Wiley Price was arrested this morning at 8 a.m. on an FBI indictment alleging bribery, mail fraud, tax fraud, and other crimes associated with influence peddling. Co-defendants in the 107-page indictment, which was released this morning, include longtime assistant to Price Dapheny Fain and political consultant Kathy Nealy. A fourth defendant, Christian Lloyd Campbell, was also named in the document.

Price’s attorney, Billy Ravkind, was stunned by this morning’s arrest, alleging that neither he nor his client knew that the indictment was coming out today. Jim Schutze thinks that this means that there is no cooperation coming from Price or his associates, or that a crucial player has recently opted to flip to federal authorities. We’re certain that things will become more clear after the U.S. Attorney addresses the media later today, and as the days and weeks progress.

One thing is certain: a lot of real assets will likely get caught up in this arrest and indictment, one that is swiftly becoming the biggest public corruption case Dallas has ever seen. Price currently resides at 510 E. 5th Street in North Oak Cliff, which was raided by the FBI almost three years ago to the day, but he was listed as owner for several other properties, too. Agents found more than $229,000 in cash inside Price’s home during the June 2011 raid, which also targeted Fain and Nealy’s homes and offices.