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Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters, bloggers and consultants. She reports on Dallas real estate for WFAA-TV’s Daybreak with Ron Corning, and is frequently called as a real estate expert by other Dallas media. She is also a real-estate editor for CultureMap Dallas. She even has her own web-based Real estate show called, The Party Line. Candy has written for AOL Real Estate, and is a guest blogger for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News plus a host of national sites. Candy was a longtime contributing editor to Dallas’ D Magazine and sister pubs, and in 2007 founded the wildly successful Dallas real estate blog, DallasDirt. That’s where she broke the news on where former president George W. Bush bought his Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of an exciting platform of Dallas-based real estate sites including, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. And yes, we are still psyched about the GOLD! In 2013, was named Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations, and the only association for journalists covering real estate, home and urban design.

07/09/18 8:00am

We all know and love pro golfer Hunter Mahan, who used to live in the Creeks of Preston Hollow, but sold his home to another well-loved, Texas-born and raised pro golfer, Jordan Spieth.

Hunter and his family moved to Highland Park. I knew they had built a gorgeous lake house out at Long Cove, our closest heart throb, vacation home nirvana only a couple hours east of Dallas on the deepest, coolest part of Cedar Creek Lake.

Long Cove rocks.

We have more details on

06/20/18 4:00pm

Yes, That’s Candy’s Byline on

I have totally forgotten to tell y’all that I am now a contributor to Started a while back, and I already have a few stories in the hopper. This is my first, a primer on North Texas real estate: 12 Things you Need to Know About North Texas Real Estate. Let me know what you think! (more…)

06/19/18 7:00am

Visual Take-Aways from NAREE18, New Horizons in Real Estate

So  much information was jam-packed into last week’s National Association of Real Estate Editor’s Spring Conference. Bethany, Jon and I were all in attendance and working to bring you what we learned. Throughout this week, I’ll post what I thought were some of the most significant graphs. The biggest take-aways: disruption, i-buyers, availability, affordability, technology, and experience in home selling and buying. Change is happening, and it is happening in media as well as real estate. For the first time, consumer journalists are paying attention to the way the BUSINESS of real estate is changing: that’s no longer a B to B story. The consumer wants and deserves a better real estate experience. (more…)

09/06/16 1:09am

Montana Trailblazer1

By Austin Rucker, Midland Editor

Prior to Midland, my experience with trailer homes (or their upscale name, motor homes) came from working door to door sales where a guy once invited me into his motor home and played Online Poker while pointing out the best billet you could get would be a Warrant Officer in the Army since you get to fly, and “it’s cool, it’s chill, everybody calls you ‘Chief’ “. Then he spat some tobacco into his coke bottle. I don’t even recall if he signed up for cable and phone service, but he had a relaxed, low key trailer home existence and that stuck with me. Hs blood pressure at age 60 was probably lower than mine.

Contrast this to Midland, where you see BMW sports cars in the RV motorhome park. Here you find this 2015 Ford F450 Platinum, a $100K Montana Big Sky and a Jeep Wrangler of equal or lesser value cozy in an RV park with quick access to the open spaces and Horned Toads as only Midland can offer. It really puts the M-streets (the Conservation District!) in Dallas to shame. Many folks in Highland Park wish they had it this good.

I had to talk to the owner of this luxury get up, had to. Using my skills acquired in the door to door sales industry, I walked up, said hi, we shook hands. I had to know, being a transplant from Dallas, why he had a set up a mobile house instead of just buying some Midland dirt?

While he chose not to be identified, he provided valuable insight for my anthropological exploration.

Montana Bigsky LR


07/02/15 12:52pm

Steve Brown naree

Wrote this while listening to the economics panel here at the National Association of Real Estate Editors annual conference in Miami, so bear with me on any boo boos. The biggest takeaway from the panel of distinguished economists was how rising rents are forcing millennials into the housing market, but could also be hurting us/them and creating inflation that will ultimately lead to higher interest rates. Oh and oil: higher prices come November could boot scoot up inflation:

Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the NAR, says low 30 year interest rates are being assisted by lack of inflation and low gas prices. But come November, those “gas benefits” might end. Rising rents, a huge red flag all four experts agreed, might push inflation up about 3% by the end of this year or early next. That in turn could push interest rates up. Yun predicts a rate hike in the federal funds in Oct. of 2015. (more…)

06/17/15 1:10am

Hey Midland, Frank Welch Is Coming To Town Friday! A Frank Welch Q&A


Midland Frank Welch

Frank Welch is one of the country’s leading architects. Though he lives in Dallas, he spent 25 years living in Midland, Texas with his family. Frank Welch loves Midland and everything about it.  We had lunch with him not too long ago to ask him about his best Midland memories. Frank’s eyes just glimmered when he said, “everything plus the terrain.”


Frank’s memoir, On Becoming an Architect, was published in March by TCU Press. The Sherman-born architect’s book chronicles some of his early professional ventures in Midland, where Frank Welch first established his architecture practice:

A vivid memory and sharp focus on sensory detail—particularly sights, sounds, emotions—enable Frank Welch to narrate the extraordinary story of his life with great richness and insight. From his boyhood in Sherman, Texas, through his education at Texas A&M in the 1950s and his first professional ventures, Welch’s story is a remarkable memoir of how he became one of the Southwest’s most important architects.

Mentored by Harry Ransom, Welch and his fellow architecture students, traveling in two-door sedans stenciled “Property of Texas A&M College,” made pilgrimages around the country to tour important architectural sites and meet many of the nation’s most prominent architects. Among them were Frank Lloyd Wright, whom the group met in Arizona at Taleisin West. In Chicago, Welch and his classmates met Mies van der Rohe. And on the coast, Charles Eames gave the group breakfast at his home on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

Welch’s postgraduate years on the Continent and his professional career in Texas are beautifully rendered in a volume richly illustrated with sketches, photographs, and floor plans of some of the most intriguing architectural gems in the region.

In 1959, FRANK D. WELCH opened his first office: the origins of Frank Welch & Associates, a firm which has been recognized with over fifty design excellence awards. He has served as lecturer, visiting critic, and interim professor at many institutions, and is the author of Philip Johnson & Texas.

CD: Frank, tell us about life in Midland. (more…)

03/20/15 2:34am


It is almost impossible to describe what it feels like to actually visit Walnut Place, the former Crespi Estate, as it was christened by owners Thomas O. and Cinda Hicks. But we were fortunate indeed to tour the 35,275 square foot (67,689 including terraces) estate for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The most expensive home in Dallas is now on the market with both Allie Beth Allman and David Nichols of the brokerage bearing Allie Beth’s name. The home had previously been marketed by Doug Newby, who’s methodology had been to keep it highly exclusive and restrictive — few Dallas area agents were actually ever inside the home. That could be because Doug thought the buyer would come from outside of Dallas. He did have the estate plastered on every private jet publication out there. Until now, it has not been in the MLS.

Last Thursday, the extraordinary Preston Hollow estate was opened to the agents of Allie Beth Allman to tour for the very first time. Everyone was absolutely breathless. The drive-up as you turn into the graceful private gates at 10000 Hollow Way is more like driving through the French countryside to a fabulous chateaux deep in the heart of the forest. You are on 25.25 acres but you are seconds from the Dallas North Tollway entrance and about a seven minute drive to downtown Dallas with minimum traffic. Office in Preston Center and you could even walk –it’s 4 miles! Midland — well, just another 5 hours west!

Hicks 10000HollowWay18L

The drive splits, forking to the right and left. The two circles culminate in the entrance to the crushed limestone auto courtyard. It is here the original Crespi Estate, designed by Maurice Fatio, was situated on the rambling acreage for the best possible siting: the drive pulls you into another world of pastoral escape, all of which is viewable from the estate. The estate overlooks a forest of trees and a creek which runs through the property. There are meadows and trails, a year-round pond, a helipad with a lighted landing pad that is covered with grass when not in use to maintain the natural aesthetic. There are two courtyards lined with 16 magnolia trees each, a greenhouse, formal rose garden, lighted tennis court, and a 1500 foot deep well was drilled on the property and that water is then purified to water the estate grounds.

You enter the estate though an ornamental steel front door. You will enter into the original Crespi estate that was built in 1938. The addition, completed by John Sebastian, flows completely seamlessly from the original mansion to the new. I’m told the Hicks did not just add more limestone to their exterior renovation, they went to the actual quarry in Indiana that had supplied the original limestone back in the 1930’s. They re-opened it and excavated stone from the same terra for the absolute utmost chance of a perfect match. Stones, as you know, can be like fabrics and no two are ever 100% alike. A Corian technique of light sandblasting was used to match the new Indiana limestone to the old original, perhaps remove the “newness”.

The home is amazingly balanced and perfectly symmetrical. It begins with the marble floored gallery hall running the girth of the main house. (more…)

02/23/15 5:25pm

Icemadeggon Midland-Odessa! One Man Thinks Andrews Highway is a Skating Rink!

Midland Ice1

If anyone managed to have a showing or open house today, we salute your brave soul! Hope all is still well with you. Take care and stay home by the fire if you can! Still, agents tell us this is a great time to check out a home’s insulation (how much snow is that home accumulating on the roof?). If the roof is clean of snow and ice before temperatures rise above freezing, it means there is poor roof insulation that makes heating and air conditioning bills unnecessarily higher. Ditto ice patches in the yard: could those be signs of poor drainage? 

Meantime, during the ice storm, one man was caught on video using a stretch of Andrews Highway in Midland as an ice rink. Gotta love his spirit, but maybe a little dangerous? May we suggest: a skating rink! 

Midland Ice tree