With Investments And Partnerships Galore, Toor Prepares For Next Step

You may not have heard of Toor yet but get ready. Come August, the Texas-based, high-tech lock box company plans to unleash a multi-platform media blitz highlighting its progress since first garnering national television attention in 2016.

“We are excited to turn the marketing machine on and make sure that everyone’s aware that Toor is not only great for real estate but also for delivery,” founder Junior Desinor said.

Two years ago,  Desinor was a successful Realtor looking jumpstart a new venture.  He had applied for a patent on his lock box design and raised more than $100,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. Then he appeared on television’s “Shark Tank”  where the judges (aka “Sharks”) praised him for being one of the best salespeople they had ever met.

“All in all ‘Shark Tank’ was an incredible experience,” he said. “I would encourage any entrepreneur to give it a go. The free publicity for a business is a no-brainer.”

The appearance was initially nerve-racking. At the last minute, a producer asked Desinor to use a red prototype instead of the blue one he’d intended to showcase.  Trouble was, the red box was an older version, and Desinor spent the night before literally duct-taping it together. Come show time, the demonstration went off without a hitch. Sharks Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary made a deal to invest in Toor.

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