Title Tip: Four Tips To Make Your July Fourth Closing Sparkle

By Lydia Blair
Special Contributor

There are several actions a buyer or seller can take to help their real estate transaction go smoothly. Here are my Top 4 July 4th Tips for keeping your closing from going kaboom:

1. Be prepared.

Whether you’re buying or selling, you’re going to need to get your stuff together. And it starts before you’ve signed the contract.  Buyers should have their mortgage company secured and be pre-approved for their loan. Contact your lender the day you sign the contract and start providing them all information they request. Have funds ready for closing and be prepared to wire money needed for closing to the title company.

Sellers should have their existing survey on hand and ready to send to the title company along with the notarized survey affidavit. Including it with the signed contract is ideal. If you don’t have it or can’t find it, tell everyone up front.

If you’ve got any tax issues, deal with them before the title company has to contact you about them. Taxes owed must either be paid prior to closing or will be deducted from your proceeds at closing. The owner can usually get it handled easier than a third party like a title company.

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