Who is Mr. Midland? We Uncover the Truth.

The Mr. Midland Team, pictured left to right, Jordan Vavala, Cameron Willmann, Lance Welch, Nathan Reeves, Tara Paiement, Yesenia Ortiz, not pictured Marisa Correa, and Candyce Patteson (Photo courtesy the Mr. Midland Team).

You may have seen the signs, attended an event, or heard a whispering of the two words among friends and neighbors – Mr. Midland. Ring a bell? As promised earlier this month, we are taking a closer look at the seven person team behind the “Mr. Midland” brand to see what makes this group tick.

Q: First off, who is Mr. Midland?
“I have never called myself Mr. Midland,” says Cameron Willmann, leader of The Mr. Midland Team at Keller Williams Realty Realty in Midland.

“It was the team name that came about from my old broker when I teamed up with my business partner,” he said. “When we moved to Keller Williams Realty, the name was already there, so we ran with it. When he left the business for a bit, the team stayed on and now, some people call me Mr. Midland.”

“I guess because it is not a far stretch to associate the name of the team with the team leader/owner.”

Cameron Willmann

The Mr. Midland team is comprised of licensed agents and transaction and marketing coordinators, including Cameron Willmann – Broker, Listing Specialist, and Team Owner; Tara Paiement- Director of Operations; Lance Welch – Lead Buyers Agent; Jordan Vavala – Buyer Specialist; Yesenia Ortiz – Buyer and Listing Specialist; Nathan Reeves – Commercial and Leasing Specialist; Marisa Correa – Transaction Coordinator; and Candyce Patteson – Client Care Manager.

Q: What do you think sets the Mr. Midland Team apart from the competition?
“We are a team of specialists instead of a group that does everything. We have a Buyer’s Specialist Team that focus on Buyer Representation and helping buyers find homes,” Willmann says. “We have a Listing Specialist team that focuses on the marketing and selling of homes for current home owners. Our administrative team handles all of our back-end systems like paperwork, internet marketing, client care, number tracking, and so on.”

“By dividing up the work load and specializing in what we do, it allows each member of the team to be the best at what they do because they are not worried about the other parts of the business that can take up the time and energy of a single agent,” explains Willmann.

Q: Let’s talk about what’s happening in the Midland market. Any insights or predictions?
“The market is still moving forward stronger than last year and in some cases stronger than 2015,” he says. “We are consistently selling more units month over month than the last two years.”

5208 Wimberley Spring Court

“The average price in Midland is hovering around the $280,000 mark month to month in 2017 and overall the inventory has stayed fairly constant – just under 500 homes on the market in Midland County, excluding condos and town homes,” Willmann says. “We are still considered a sellers’ market overall, and with interest rates still low, buyers are still able to get into the market even though values in Midland are high. We are still seeing multiple offer situations especially in highly desirable subdivisions and locations.”

Case in point – Yesenia Ortiz, a valued member of the Mr. Midland Team who just listed and sold 5208 Wimberley Spring Court in less than 24 hours.

Q: What’s happening in the Odessa market?
“Odessa’s market moves little slower than Midland’s. It is still a very healthy seller’s market and interest rates keep the number of units sold very consistent,” Willmann tells us. “Overall, the market is just smaller. Less inventory on average, fewer sales, and a lower average price.”

“So, when you couple all of the market characteristics with low interest rates, Odessa is much more affordable than Midland when it comes to real estate,” he adds. “There are also large growing developments on the north side that are allowing many new home owners the benefit of a brand new home.”

“So, long story short, the Permian Basin real estate market is very active and there are a great many choices of homes for all budget ranges.”

Q: How does being a part of the Keller Williams Realty add to your business?
“Keller Williams Realty has changed my business and my life. I have been exposed to agents that think big and produce even bigger and that has expanded the way I think about my real estate business and everything else,” he says. “It is less about sales and more about building a business where people can grow as sales agents, leaders, and coaches.”

“I have also had the opportunity to be trained in a way that I have never known prior to KW,” Willmann says. “Keller Williams Realty International has developed a tremendous amount of training content through online classes, videos, webinars, in class training in Austin, as well as varied opportunities to mastermind with the top producing agents around the country.”

“That content coupled with the amazing technology, that we get just for being a part of the company, has allowed my business to really focus on our clients while we leverage our training. This has allowed us to be more efficient and really specialize in our area of the business.”

Fun Fact: The Mr. Midland Team takes buying and selling seriously, but they also know how to make the process fun.  Their Facebook page features both uplifting posts and market stats, to event updates, new listing eye candy, and their recent creative campaign featuring #RealtorRex back to school shopping at Target.

Q: What types of services does the Mr. Midland Team offer?
“We offer a full-service experience to include: professional photography, free market analysis, in-depth buyer and seller consultations complete with education on the process and what clients should expect,” says Willmann. “Our focus is to educate clients as much as possible, so when the transaction gets tough, our clients are armed to the teeth with knowledge.”

“That way, they can make the best decision possible with the situation they face.”

And they’re hiring. “We’re always looking for new talent,” says Tara Paiement.