Icemadeggon Midland-Odessa! One Man Thinks Andrews Highway is a Skating Rink!

Midland Ice1

If anyone managed to have a showing or open house today, we salute your brave soul! Hope all is still well with you. Take care and stay home by the fire if you can! Still, agents tell us this is a great time to check out a home’s insulation (how much snow is that home accumulating on the roof?). If the roof is clean of snow and ice before temperatures rise above freezing, it means there is poor roof insulation that makes heating and air conditioning bills unnecessarily higher. Ditto ice patches in the yard: could those be signs of poor drainage? 

Meantime, during the ice storm, one man was caught on video using a stretch of Andrews Highway in Midland as an ice rink. Gotta love his spirit, but maybe a little dangerous? May we suggest: a skating rink! 

Midland Ice tree