Cozy Christmas: Create the Perfect Interiors For Hosting Your Family and Friends

Family Christmas Hearth


It’s Christmas Eve Eve, as my mother likes to call it, and we are doing everything we can to prepare our home to host a few friends and plenty of magic. When you live in 1,400 square feet, cozy is easy. But how do you achieve that kind of warm atmosphere on a larger scale? It’s in the accessories, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

Her boutique in the Dallas Design District is my favorite spot to get inspired for the holidays. Thanks to Schaeffler’s German heritage, she gives her Christmas decor a fun, cultural spin that exudes elegance.

She has so many wonderful items that not only make great last-minute gifts, but are stylish and have some fun history, to boot! For the man who has everything except a love of bifocals, consider getting him this horn magnifying glass. It is the perfect combination of form and function, and it has style and texture for miles!

To make your home a little more cozy as you gather around the hearth, you have to get one of the beautiful imported wool blankets and a coordinating pillow from Schaeffler’s store. They are handwoven and luscious. The quality is amazing, and while they look vibrant like tapestries, they are soft to the touch:

Blanket Vase

If you’re hosting a cocktail hour, you have to stock up on unique Bohemian crystal glasses. These come in a stunning array of colors and eye-popping, jewel-like designs. Pair it with a cool horn bottle opener for a tremendous tactile experience:

BS Crystal and Bottle Opener

If you still don’t have a place to rest your Christmas ham or duck (I prefer duck!) you need this beautiful forged carving set with horn handles and one of the lovely hand-painted ceramic serving dishes. Schaeffler has a wonderful collection of high-quality ceramic dishes that are perfect for hosting Christmas gatherings:

BS Deer and Plate


Of course, if you want a great party favor, look no further than these hand-made embroidered Christmas ornaments imported from Germany. It doesn’t get more traditional than this! It’s a wonderful way to tone down the over-done glitter and baubles with a touch of culture.

BS Santa Ornament

Need more ideas? Visit the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection at 1616 HiLine Drive, Suite 100, in the Dallas Design District.