Real Estate Rocks: The Diamond Doctor’s 100 Million Diamond Event is Tonight, and I Need a Retroactive Push Gift or Two


We love dirt here at and SecondShelters, and we know real estate rules supreme. But sometimes, sometimes you have to grab a few baubles and rocks to enhance a listing.

Nothing enhances your home like a few emeralds dripping from your ears or neckline. No need for any exclusions, those go with you when you move! Want to move your buyer’s eyes from your slightly over-loaded closet? Flash a fab yellow diamond cocktail ring as your direct them to the very well organized cedar closet — thank God you cleared that puppy last spring!

My personal favorite place in Dallas to shop for glittery rocks of all sizes and colors is The Diamond Doctor on Preston Road in Preston Center. In fact, my dear husband and son just bought me an eternity band for my last birthday.

Eternity my arse, I told him, this puppy is good for five years then an upgrade!

I now have two grand-angels: think I can get a retroactive push gift for the wonderful work I did 30 years ago?

Anyhow, if you wan to see some gems that will take your breath away almost as much as Troy Aikman’s place over on Normandy, or this pulse-gyrating penthouse at The W that happens to belong to Ross and Sarah Perot. So join the Diamond Doctor for their only once a year, $100 Million event tonight from six to eight p.m.. They bring in very special gems and jewels to light up your home, your tree, your eyes, your whatever,  for the holidays and beyond.

Yes, I think I need a retro push gift and two and they should look something like this:Diamond Doctor 2 Diamond Doctor1