Urban Reserve is Getting The Attention it Deserves on Local Networks

Urban Reserve 4 We’ve been talking about Urban Reserve and its dedicated developer Diane Cheatham for quite a long time, so we were so happy to see stories about this incredible sustainable, architect-driven neighborhood on our local Fox and ABC affiliates! It’s funny how real estate is a big story now, isn’t it?

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Regardless, we’re happy to see Urban Reserve get the attention it deserves. You can read all about this super cool Lake Highlands neighborhood that has some fascinating modern designs from top-notch local architects. Heck, we just featured an Urban Reserve property on Tuesday as our High-Caliber Home of the Week. It’s a Lionel Morrison original with some of the most unbelievable indoor spaces. The master bedroom is a total gem. “We have seven architects on this street that have bought lots and built their own houses. I doubt there is another street on the planet with seven architects living there,” said Cheatham in the WFAA story, pointing out how unique this development is. “[It] is not like anything in Dallas.” We agree, and that’s why we love it!