Got Kids? 8 Tips to Make Moving Stress Free For Families


Moving can be a bummer for kids and families. Here are eight great tips to help ease the process of packing up.

By Karen Eubank
Special Contributor

Moving can be a traumatic time in the life of any child. Leaving the home they’ve grown up in or have important memories of, to head off for something unknown, is always tricky. House showings can be particularly stressful. Turning your home selling process into an adventure takes a little planning and some creative solutions. Here are a few tips that have worked wonders with kids who are reluctant to move or just a bit sad about change.

1. Involve your children in house hunting. Show them what you are looking at online and take them along when you view potential new homes.  Allow them to be a part of the process.

2. Get a paint fan deck and let your children start looking at colors for their new room.

Stress Free Showings

A paint fan is a great tool to help a kid cope with moving. They can help choose the color of their room.

3. Go through catalogs like Pottery Barn Kids with your children and talk about what theme they might want to have in their new rooms. Get a spiral binder and have them tape tear sheets of ideas into  their new room  wish book.  If they’re old enough have them start a Pinterest board.

4. Discuss new bedding possibilities. Some kids will see the selection of new bedding as a big treat.

5. Help your kids create a photo album or a video diary of the house.

6. Start packing before you put the house on the market. Kids really don’t play with all of their toys. Have them select a few favorites then bring some boxes into the house specifically for your children to pack. They’ll feel like a part of the process and that will result in happier child. Have them decorate their boxes with stickers,markers and crayons. Children will be empowered not only when it is time to move but also when it’s time to unpack. All Boxed Up in Flower Mound carries moving boxes with zebra, camouflage and cheveron stripe patterns in a variety of colors.

All Boxed Up creates kid friendly packing boxes.

All Boxed Up creates kid friendly packing boxes.

7. Getting ready for showings should be easy and stress free. If you put a few things in place ahead of time, getting out of the house with children shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes. Have a grab and go bag. Get a laundry bag and have children fill it with snacks, books, music, art supplies, whatever they love. Most of these items can be left in the car and all you have to do is jump in. Don’t forget to pack a parent grab and go bag with snacks, a good book or some magazines. If there are animals in your family keep an extra water bowl, leash and treats in the car.

8. Plan some activities for open house days when you need to be out for several hours. A trip to the, library, the movies or somewhere special like Perot Science Museum or the Rory Myers Children’s Garden at the Dallas Arboretum will ease the stress of moving for your kids and for you.

Karen EubankKaren Eubank is a top stager in Dallas and counts several well-known real estate agents among her clientele. She lives in Hollywood Heights with her son and her silk orchid collection that everyone thinks is real. Find out more about Karen on her website.