A Month in The Matrix: What’s Your Take on The New System?


We asked our Facebook followers what they thought of NTREIS’ Matrix system, the update for the Tempos MLS system. While some agents seemed to love the new system, which now works with Mac OS and iOS devices, there are several problems that agents reported.

“Wow. Strange happenings. On my listing on desktop version of ntreis it says “Community Park”.
Go to ntreis mobile it says “Lanunity Park”.. How does that happen? No word from from tech dept after 2 weeks! Glad it sold right away…”

— Patrick

Read on for more user feedback:

I also use it on a Mac, and while it was a steep learning curve at first, there are a lot of things I like about it. Definitely some things I would change, and I wish I could have been a beta tester. I tried! I’m one of the agents who never liked Ntreis listings much anyway.

— Kay

I like that I can finally use it on my iPad, but the bugs are awful! Ugh!

— Karis

I am SO tired of the “Error Old URL”. Why does it timeout so quickly? And can we not figure out a way to drag and drop the rooms? UGH!

— Patti

What do you think about NTREIS Matrix?

4 Comment

  • Overall it is an improvement from the previous version, but my biggest complaint is the client portal. It is not intuitive, confusing to clients, and doesn’t work well with mobile devices (unless you click a button that is hidden or impossible to tap on a phone). Over half of my clients asked to go back to the old system. It’s one thing to have system internally that needs work. It’s quite another when it’s a client facing system that reflects poorly on your brand.

  • I would like there to be an option to auto-populate all the status check boxes and all the status date fields with one date. Having to cut and paste the same date (like 01/01/14+) in all the fields is tedious.

  • Matrix is a better because it works on Macs, IPads and IPhones. It sill has a few bugs but they are minor. The Realtist and Martrix Data Co Op Market trends etc are a little much I doubt they get much use. And I wonder what they add to Metrotex fees? METROTEX should have let Tempo run 30 days along side it to ease the transition. Overall it’s a good system