Fall Design Trends: Bernadette Schaeffler Says Jewel Tones Paired With Gray Are a Perfect Match

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Combining interesting patterns and shapes with jewel tones over a gray backdrop is a classic combination for fall, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

Fall is a huge season for freshening up your decor, and using a few new color can add that bit of seasonal pop you’re looking for. Of course, gray is still the neutral of choice, from dark to light and from warm to bright, this do-everything color is a great base from which to play. But what colors should you use to bring your fall palette to life? Bernadette Schaeffler took a short break from designing her new sofa collection in Italy to tell us what we should look for this fall.

Jewel tones with gray is a great combination for fall, says Bernadette Schaeffler.

“I think color wise we are looking at blue and olive mixed with orange and grey,” says Schaeffler. “Purple is still trendy,” she notes, and that bringing these colors together with interesting patterns and shapes will elevate any room.

When it comes to decor styles, Schaeffler says that mixing and matching contemporary and more traditional shapes and styles will come to the forefront, minimizing the more cold and understated modern decor. Schaeffler calls this “gemütlichkeit,” which loosely means creating a warm, inviting environment that induces occupants to relax, a place that feels cozy and unhurried.

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“I think we will continue to combine classic design with unexpected highlights and recycled furniture,” said Schaeffler. “Make it modern but livable. Imagine a classic bedroom with a fire-red chair, for example.”

She’s brought many of these ideas to her new line of furnishings, which will be available at the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection showroom in the Dallas Design District.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 10.46.16 AM“While designing my sofas, I focus more on colors than patterns,” Schaeffler added. Quality construction, interesting shapes, and new colors and textures that still coordinate are also important.

For accessories, Schaeffler says that finding unique pieces that tell a story is key, but homeowners need to remember: Less is more. “My collection will offer stunning accessories not available elsewhere,” she added.
Find out more about the interesting and unique combinations of color, texture, and style at the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection showroom today.
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