Exclusive: Who is Stan Tucker? Source Speaks Out About Thief Targeting Open Houses

Alleged Thief Stan "Dan" Tucker also goes by Tim Allen.

Alleged Thief Stan “Dan” Tucker also goes by Tim Allen.

We sounded the alarm about Stan “Dan” Tucker, a middle-aged man who is targeting open houses and owner-marketed properties. He comes in and heads straight for the medicine cabinet, stealing prescription medication while touring homes. Realtor Lydia Player tipped us off that this guy has been all over North Texas and Oklahoma, touring homes and snatching things from people’s bathrooms and bedrooms.

“His mode of operation is to pose as a potential home buyer. He claims to be looking for a property for his son, or himself or something like that. Currently it looks like he is targeting homes that are for sale by owner. Security is a major issue when selling a home without an agent and he is proof. Letting a stranger in your home is risky business for a homeowner.

Based on the calls and emails I’ve gotten, he has robbed homes from Waco to Stillwater, Oklahoma. This slippery snake is good at what he does and seems to always avoid getting caught in the act. Yesterday, I got a call from a homeowner in Lake Highlands where he did his usual routine.”

But who is this guy? And why is he stealing?

We were contacted by someone who knows Stan Tucker but would like to remain anonymous. This person says that Stan is actually a “moderately wealthy” consulting landscaper, who once owned and operated businesses in Tulsa and Dallas, and has a networth totaling around “seven figures.”
Tucker grew up in Stillwater, Okla., born to a father who was a professor and a devoted mother. His childhood was picturesque. He’s never been transient or homeless.
But people close to Tucker say that, after he moved to Plano, the stealing started. From there he moved to Highland Park, and then to Fort Worth. He owns other properties in Oklahoma, too, where much of his family resides.
A screenshot of Stan Tucker's mugshot from a Channel 11 report.

A screenshot of Stan Tucker’s mugshot from a Channel 11 report.

“As far as I understand,” said the source, “the theft of property and prescriptions is in itself an addiction for him, as well as is the taking of the prescriptions after he has stolen them.”

When Tucker is in Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Stillwater, Waco, and North Texas visiting friends and family, he finds a target or several targets and makes off with the homeowners possessions. While Tucker may tell Realtors and homeowners that he’s looking for a property for himself or a family member, no one else is involved in his thievery, says our source. Sounds like your garden variety kleptomaniac, to me.
So, why hasn’t the law caught up to Tucker yet?
“Being caught isn’t the issue, having charges stick is,” the source said. “Proving what was taken and that he took it, that is the number one issue. When selling a house it is difficult to do that, but when someone can, they more often than not drop the charges before they can stick.”
Tucker has the time and money to wait out the allegations, so victims end up backing down instead of spending the money to go to court. He’s even stolen from people close to him, but they choose to help him instead of press charges.
However, Tucker is wanted in Oklahoma’s Payne County for questioning related to charges from an alleged theft. If you’ve been victimized by Tucker and you can prove it, it’s best to contact police and press charges.
“The only way anyone will get justice from his actions is if enough people that can prove his actions stick to their guns and get him in a courtroom over them,” he said.

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