A Wednesday Wonder: The Dirt on THE Best Dirt in Dallas

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By Cassie Evans, the Dirt Queen’s daughter, attorney, and real estate hound

Have you ever been on a property in Dallas and felt like you have been transported to another land? Like you were out of Texas and on some relaxing vacation? Until the reality of busy life, your cell phone, and traffic awoke you?

Well, that’s what happened when I stepped foot on a certain building site. 4808 Drexel Drive is just enchanting.

Accessible from both Drexel and a stair case to St John’s Avenue in the heart of Highland Park, it’s a magical oasis of green grass, tree canopies, creeks, ponds, and the calming sound of wind rustling through leaves. All this despite the fact that you are minutes from Downtown and Uptown.

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Claire Dewar has the fabulous listing, of course, offered at $5,400,000 (did you clip your coupons on Sunday?). It’s a RARE 1.430 acre creek lot that allows you to imagine whatever creation you can dream up for this opportunity. Allowing myself to escape reality for a bit, I think past an REI tent and camping stove and start conjuring up dream homes. One possible watercolor, dreamed up by J. Wilson Fuqua and Associates, of what could grace this property is this option:

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Reminds me of a Georgian manor home…and I’m a sucker for pale yellow and columns. Or, if you prefer:

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In the creek area there is actually a little island or “lily pad” that could easily house a gazebo or child’s play house. Can you imagine growing up on this lot? It’s an outdoor oasis!

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I spoke with Paul Fields, the head of Lambert’s landscaping about this opportunity and he aptly described it as “the hidden gem of Highland Park.” He also advised that depending on the landscaping used on the Drexel Dr. front, there is the option for complete privacy. When you have a moat and bridge in front of your home, the idea of a castle does pop into mind.

The other great part of this lot is the neighbor behind it – your views would overlook this tasteful manse that complements the environment and has this super cool stone grotto. Definitely make friends with them to secure invitations to outdoor parties.

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With over 17,000 sq. ft. of buildable area, just let your imagination run wild with this wondrous spot…and invite me over to take a peek when you’re done building!




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  • Oh Cassie…you totally GOT it…we missed your mother but WOW you are giving her a run for the money honey!!! (trying to write like her!!!)…so delighted to have you join our party!!! xo Claire fyi…the architect Wilson Fuqua and his delightful associates studied and drew those dreamy houses…

  • Well guess who just christened a new regular feature here on CandysDirt: happy your listing was our very first! Every Wednesday Wonder will be a fabulous, over-the-top, wonderful real estate something… just like 4808 Drexel Drive.