Friday Four Hundred: You Know What They Say About People Who Live in Glass Houses?

8643 Groveland Side Twilight

They have great views!

OK, that was a really bad joke, but it does illustrate why our Friday Four Hundred this week is an amazing property. This modern home at 8643 Groveland was just featured in the White Rock Home Tour, and is a gorgeous example of sustainable architecture and design. Not only does this two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath modern masterpiece have tons of windows all around its exterior, but it takes advantage of the nature surrounding the home, allowing the homeowner to feel more connected to the outside space. It’s not a huge home at 1,550 square feet, but thanks to the windows, it feels that way. It’s listed by Ebby Halliday Realtor Jude Nash for $469,000.

8643 Groveland Front Twilight

8643 Groveland Back

8643 Groveland Deck

Designed by TKR architect Thad Reeves, AIA, 8643 Groveland employs some creative materials and design to make the most of sunlight and landscape. From the architect:

“The relationship between the interior and the exterior is most evident in the expression of the two-story polycarbonate wall, filling the corresponding stairwell and public space beyond with natural light throughout the day. The use of daylight and massing further lends itself to the sustainable nature of home, providing indirect sunlight to active areas of the home.”

This home was also featured in the 2013 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes, a high honor for the designer. So yes, people love this house. Heck, I LOVE THIS HOUSE. I love the use of stained and sealed plywood and particle board as underfoot materials. I love how light is absorbed, reflected, a transformed by just about every surface on this home. I love the open spaces and how, even though this home is definitely modern, it feels warm and inviting, and very livable.

8643 Groveland Kitchen

8643 Groveland Living

8643 Groveland Staircase

The kitchen features stainless appliances and is open to the living areas, making this home great for entertaining a few friends. You can create sumptuous meals from your sustainable organic garden, which also includes a bee hive. And there’s tons of room outdoors for a swank, fun dinner party, too.

Both bedrooms are upstairs, and the master suite features a screened-in balcony, perfect for taking in the view. Although we don’t get photos of the baths in this listing, I bet they’re just as beautiful and creative as the rest of the space.

8643 Groveland Master Balcony

8643 Groveland Master Bedroom

8643 Groveland seating

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for the real estate photographer tasked with shooting this home. It is so interesting from so many perspectives, that the photographer probably had a hard time choosing which shots to include in the portfolio. Of course, the twilight shots really show off how much of the facade is sheathed in glass, and the daytime photos show how the home is almost camouflaged by its surroundings.

Just an incredible home! What do you think?

8643 Groveland Patio