What’s Hot in Homebuilding for 2014? Marc Kleinmann of Bauhaus Custom Homes Says Energy-Efficiency and Low Maintenance are Key

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With a standout modern style with clean lines and green sensibilities, Bauhaus Custom Homes is in demand as more clients look to ad cost-effective and energy efficient design to their homes. Kleinmann offers designs that make the most of a site and its natural resources, using passive solar for heat and light, as well as a host of other features that keep a home’s ecological footprint low without sacrificing high style.
Bauhaus has such a fantastic reputation that this builder has earned a sought-after spot on our list of CandysDirt.com-Approved Builders, and there’s no guessing why: High quality materials, thoughtful design, and a loyal following of clients.
Kleinmann took a few moments from his busy day of building and moving his firm to their new Design District digs to tell us what’s hot in home building for 2014.
According to Kleinmann, every home Bauhaus is working on includes an emergency generator for power outages  — a cost-effective feature that retains its value. Bauhaus homes are built to conserve energy and water, too, Kleinmann says, and more clients are asking for homes and landscapes that sip water, not guzzle.
“The most-requested feature overall — low maintenance, which influences material choices,” Kleinmann said. “Aesthetics are important, but low maintenance trumps most of the time.”
Kleinmann adds that spray foam insulation has become standard. This type of insulation retains its R factor for much longer and is more efficient than any other kind. In fact, Kleinmann told us just a few months ago about one of his clients homes that had lost power after Icemaggedon stayed toasty warm inside while nearby neighbors turned to icicles.
As far as new features, Kleinmann is thrilled that more clients are taking chances with their master baths, bringing in master showers with steam rooms, or even outdoor showers for those who don’t mind a more natural setting (see above).  Additionally, wireless and remote controlled features are another exciting development, with alarm systems, sound systems, and camera systems all wireless and easily retrofitted “for a fraction of the cost these systems were just 5 years ago.”
It makes me wonder if we’ve finally entered the age of the “House of Tomorrow” …