Watercolors Are Soft, Nostalgic, And Perfect For Decor Says Bernadette Schaeffler

Laura Moore Watercolor

With soft edges and bright colors, McKinney artist Laura Moore‘s watercolor paintings are inspirational, especially to designer Bernadette Schaeffler. The artist, who painted Schaeffler’s Hi Line Drive storefront in 2012, has a way with color and form.

With new digital apps on the market that can transform any photo into a watercolor painting, Schaeffler says the compulsion to Waterlogue can become a habit. Why? Because the results are simply gorgeous.

“Why are people suddenly obsessed with an old technique transferred into the social media world? In my opinion it is the fascination of watercolors’ transparency and the vivid colors it brings with it,” Schaeffler said. “It runs, bleeds, mixes and separates on its own and composes wonderful artwork.”

Still, the app is no substitute for the work of a skilled artist such as Moore, Schaeffler adds.

“I was already obsessed with original watercolors before this incredible app came on the market,” Schaeffler said. “I still prefer the original artist work over the app. Laura, for example, is really gifted and knows her work well. Her paintings are so refreshing and perfect!”

Schaeffler recently hosted an exhibition for Moore, which was called “Melded Memories.” It is an apt name that really describes the nostalgic nature of watercolors, and how they are almost dreamlike.

Watercolor Bedroom

This technique doesn’t need to be limited to artwork, Schaeffler says. You can incorporate watercolors into your decor using faux finishes and wallpaper. It’s a dramatic and gorgeous way to up the glamour of any room.

We definitely agree. To see furnishings and accessories that will perfectly complement the nostalgia of watercolors, visit the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection at 1616 Hi Line Drive in the Dallas Design District. Find out more about Bernadette Schaeffler and her design aesthetic on her website.