Copper in the Kitchen Adds Color and Warmth, Says Bernadette Schaeffler

Copper Kitchen Pots

Who hasn’t loved the romance of the heaping ladle of stew coming from the burnished copper soup pot? Copper pots are a sign of excellent taste — in both design and cuisine.

“When I think about copper, I think about France and classic kitchens — the haute cuisine, good restaurants and all the striking chefs of the world,” says Bernadette Schaeffler, a Dallas designer and owner of the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection. “Cooking and enjoying good food is part of my lifestyle, and copper is an iconic symbol of professional cooking, and, in my opinion, an eye catch in any kitchen, modern or classic.”

True, copper has been used for cooking vessels for ages, making its way into the sculleries of nobility to make broths, tea, and so much more for the truly royal. For anyone looking to add a bit of luxury to their kitchen, Schaeffler suggests adding copper. Whether utensils, lighting, or wall decor, copper can make any kitchen look like a work of art.

Copper kitchen decor

“For those of you who do not like to cook but love design, vintage copper pots and pans are fun in any kitchen,” Schaeffler says.

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