Allie Beth Allman Agent Missy Woehr Came For The Byron, Stayed For Amazing Real Estate Dallas Has to Offer

Missy Final Sitting

Missy Woehr is just about as Dallas as Dallas gets. But would you believe that this dynamic agent not only hails from Tulsa, but made her way to Dallas to see a golf tournament?

Woehr has made a name for herself as someone with a wealth of information about Uptown, and is a key member of the Allie Beth Urban team, which is a sales powerhouse in Dallas’ core markets. And boy, does she have some great stories to share!

She’s smart, gorgeous, and definitely a go-getter! Find out more about Missy Woehr with her exclusive Candy’s Dirt Q&A! Where are you from?

Missy Woehr: Tulsa OK. I’ve been in Dallas since 1994. I came for The Byron Nelson with some friends and ended up staying.

CD: How did you get into real estate?

Woehr: My husband Gus had a very successful career in Real Estate Development, Land Sales and Investing. Between him and I my friends, they convinced me to get my license. I worked in Telecom for about 8 years. I loved it, but the industry was merging and changing quite bit. My last day of Telecom was when I closed my on first Real Estate transaction of $2.5M. From then on, I’ve never looked back.

CD:Besides being a sales powerhouse, I’ve been told that if I have a question about the Dallas market, you’re the person to ask. How do you keep track of so much information?

Woehr: To stay current in the market, I read a lot of business and community-related articles, including blog sites (Candy’s Dirt (Editor’s note: Awww! We’re blushing!)), and I network with other Brokers/Agents, Title Companies, Developers, Property Managers, and Volunteer Organizations. I enjoy learning about what’s on the forefront of our City, and the ways in which it our landscape is continually changing and improving. I’m currently serving on the Board of Uptown Dallas, Inc. and this provides constant exposure to any new improvements, projects and expansions occurring in the Urban areas of Dallas. I’m also working to establish a Residents Council within the Uptown PID to bring HOAs, neighbors, businesses, and Police/Fire Departments together within an open venue to share information.

CD: Where is home for you in Dallas?

Woehr: We live at the edge of Uptown and Turtle Creek on The Katy Trail

CD: And you drive a … let me guess, Mercedes Benz?

WoehrI’m an Audi girl. I own an S5 convertible and an A8 sedan… Quattro baby!

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

Woehr: The Urban neighborhoods of Uptown and Turtle Creek. We are huge walkers with our Scottish Terrier, Jaeger, so it fits our lifestyle perfectly. We are literally steps from The Katy Trail, West Village, Turtle Creek, Lee Park, Knox/Henderson, the McKinney Ave. Trolley, Kalita Humphries Theater, the Arts District, AAC, Klyde Warren Deck Park some of the best restaurants, retail, galleries and world class architecture in Dallas … I can keep going. We enjoy the lock-and-leave lifestyle, privacy and security all in the heart of the most developed and vibrant neighborhoods in Dallas.

CD: What was your best/highest sale?

Woehr: One of my most rewarding transactions was a veteran who was facing foreclosure and I was able to bring a cash Buyer. My client was more concerned about protecting the Seller’s credit than beating him up over every last penny. He had just come off a very tough year, so this allowed him to avoid a short sale or foreclosure, and move forward with his credit intact. It was a win-win for everyone.

CD: Likewise, what was your most challenging or memorable transaction?

Woehr: I had a crazy situation with a large Magnolia tree. My Buyer had a home under contract and during the inspection we were standing in the front yard talking about landscaping and what he wanted to change. He mentioned that he wanted to have this giant Magnolia removed once we were closed. There just happened to be a tree company working in the next door neighbor’s yard and we walked over and asked if they could give us an estimate to remove and haul off the tree. We thanked him and my client said, “I’m closing in about 2 weeks, so once I own the home, I’ll be in touch so we can get started.”

You can’t make this stuff up… I get a frantic call from the listing agent the next day stating, “What have you and your client done?”

The GIGANTIC, MATURE Magnolia tree that is in the middle of the front yard of a home we haven’t closed on has been cut down and they are running it thru a wood chipper!! Of course I’m in total and utter shock! Who cuts down a tree without a formal deposit, written quote, no contact information or business card? The gentleman just taped an invoice to the front door and completed the destruction of this huge tree. Needless to say, we had a few tense weeks prior to closing.

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?

Woehr: It was a home that was not in MLS. I showed it on a Tuesday morning and had a full-price, cash offer within 4 hours. It closed 10 days later.

CD: How much did you sell last year?

Woehr: I had a great year last year and I’m on track to have my best ever in 2013. Our team, Allie Beth Urban, closed over $50M.

CD: What have you learned about selling that makes you so successful?

Woehr: Do your job with integrity, remove the emotions and egos from the situation and remember relationships and reputation are more important than any sale. Many agents call me for information and advice and I know that comes back full circle when I’m sitting on the other side of the table, plus I enjoy helping. My business is 70% referral in the same boutique complexes like Cascada at Turtle Creek, and I also have the pleasure of working with the Allie Beth Urban Team on projects such as The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas.

The golden rule applies… treat others the way you want to be treated. These are my neighbors, friends and peers and I have to look them in the eye every day as I drive into my garage, step on an elevator, or show a new prospective client. If I wasn’t making the attempt to practice what I preach, I think I would have been out of the business a long time ago. Nothing goes perfectly every time, but people remember how they were treated, good and bad.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

Woehr: I LOVE what I do, but I might want to represent clients in different market… maybe something with a beach or mountain view.

CD: Do you have a second home? If so, where?

Woehr: We owned multiple condos, homes, lots and timeshares over the years in the Vail Valley, Colorado. We sold our most recent home there last Spring, so we now enjoy traveling to many places we didn’t have the time or opportunity to get to before. We will semi-retire there when the time is right, so maybe a 2nd Real Estate license in Colorado will be in order at some point?

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