Oscar-Winning 'Anna Karenina' Inspires Dallas Designer With Opulent Sets And Gilded Furniture

anna-karenina-6Some people feel like gold is dated. Not Bernadette Schaeffler. The Dallas interior designer feels that gold never went out of style. Nothing is more evident of this than the recent box-office success of Anna Karenina, Schaeffler said.

“It is a feast to watch and will stay one of those unforgettable films,” Schaeffler said of the 2012 adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece. “The opulent sets and costumes truly make you believe you are back in 1870s Russia. Besides the love story, the luxurious interior and exterior of the set has such huge impact on its viewer. The novel is already a pleasure to read and I think Leo Tolstoy would be very pleased.”

Schaeffler Chandelier

There’s plenty of old-word sophistication that Schaeffler feels could ad a touch of luxury to modern life. It may not be the most convenient era, but it definitely has a hold on the designer.

“I adore all this fur, velvet, brocade and lace- just think about the ball room scene. Interesting enough they still looked sexy,” she said. “This movie, with its Russian apparel and accessories, is so inspiring to me as I design furniture.”

Schaeffler Red Chair

Schaeffler says she finds inspiration in the ornate wallpaper, the candelabras, the furs, and the incredible attention to detail. Find out more about Bernadette Schaeffler and her designs at BernadetteSchaeffler.com