Thursday Three Hundred: Gorgeous Midcentury Modern in Kiestwood Has a Killer Backyard

If there ever was a deal on a beautiful Midcentury Modern, 3212 Mapleleaf Circle is it, folks. For just $325,000 you can not only own this gorgeous modern home with beautiful architectural details, but you can live in Oak Cliff, an area that is appreciating head and shoulders above most of Dallas.


Now, when you’re looking at the interiors, just imagine them without the decor and with a fresh coat of paint. I was kind of put off by the large leather chesterfields and bird cages, but they won’t be there when you move in, dear reader. All that will be left are the floors, walls, the huge windows and that beautiful kitchen with the stainless steel appliances.

This three/three with gameroom is a great spot for a family, or a crowd of entertainers. There is so much natural light, too, that it would be a great home to show off an art collection. And the backyard does anything but disappoint. A huge patio plus a pool? For just $325K? Amazing!

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