Friday Four Hundred: Recently Renovated Tudor Turns Heads in Wilshire Heights

I can’t believe it, but my son Cooper will be turning one in August. My husband and I were talking about how much our lives have changed in less than one year.

“Pretty soon we’re going to need more room,” I said to him somewhat offhandedly. Of course, he stopped dead in his tracks. His face turned white as a sheet.

“You’re not … pregnant again, right?” he stammered.

I got such a giggle over that! No, we’re not pregnant again, but it got me thinking β€” we love our home in Casa View Haven, and we’ve put a lot of work into it, but if we were to move to a bigger house, where would we want to go?

The answer? To Wilshire Heights, just on the other side of White Rock Lake, where 6111 Revere Place sits. This house has pretty much everything a growing family could want or need.

This beautiful Tudor (OK, get it out of your system. TUDOR, TUDOR, TUDOR!) was built in 1948 and remodeled so recently the paint just dried! With this house, you get 2,764 usable square feet for $485,000. There’s no wasted space with this addition, either!

The home is super cozy without feeling cloistered, and while it’s been renovated, tons of architectural details remain, like the cool archways in the living and dining areas downstairs, and the gorgeous fireplace.

The hardwoods, well, they’re so beautiful. I love the blonde floors paired with the espresso cabinetry and dark painted baseboards in this very, very open kitchen. The lower floor has great flow and is perfect for entertaining adults and children alike.

There are four bedrooms and three baths, and a bonus room, too. The master bath is perfect, really, with a jetted tub and multi-head shower. It’s the perfect retreat for parents of small children. And the closets! THEY ARE GIGANTIC! I am swooning over here!

There’s plenty of outdoor space, too, with a cute little rear porch and a great lawn β€” just the right size for a busy family. In Wilshire Heights you’re close to just about anything, with downtown, the Park Cities, Greenville Avenue, White Rock Lake, and the Arts District seemingly within arms reach.

What’s not to love?

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